Chapter 13; Part 3Mature

The police got there eventually. For being such a small town, Thomas felt like it took an abnormal amount of time for them to get there.

When they finally arrived, they roped off the blonde mans car (introducing himself as Edmond) with caution tape and called Thomas’ mother (Edmond insisting his parents would not care and wouldn’t be worth calling), who rushed to the scene still in her pajamas.

“Oh my God, Thomas are you okay?!” She wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly, sifting her fingers through his thick brown hair.

“I’m fine, mom, really…” he said quietly, trying too hard to put assurance into his tone. He was still shaken up by the image of the dog.

“It didn’t bite you, you’re not hurt?”

“No, mom.”

“Thomas Wade?”

His mother released him to allow him to face the police chief.


“We need to bring you in for questioning.”

“…What? I don’t…know anything about it, really.”

“Mr. Wade, this is a very serious situation. Our officers have never seen anything like this. We need as much info as we can get.”

The End

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