Chapter 12; Part 4Mature

She paused, walking backwards toward the exit to the park, keeping her eye on the monster.

What should she do? She was too nervous to taunt it to get it to follow her, but she needed to to get the police to believe her. If she did taunt it, however, there was no guarantee she’d live long enough to make it to the police station.

Her obliviousness hit her like a slap to the face. She had a laptop. She had video chat. She had friends.

She didn’t care that she’d be waking her friends in the middle of the night, she could die tonight.

She slipped behind a large tree just outside of the park, slumping down into the shadows and opening her laptop frantically.

She was hardly able to type, her hands shaking uncontrollably.

Managing to move her cursor over the Skype icon, she double clicked and waited for a connection.

She’d never been so thankful that the park had wifi.

She looked around the tree cautiously. The monster was no where to be seen. She didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. For all she knew, it could still be hunting her.

She jumped up and ran quickly across the street. Sometimes, out in the open was more safe than being ‘sheltered’ beneath a tree.

She slammed her back up against the wall, just as her friend picked up the phone on her computer.

“Karen, help me!” Blanca cried, for the first time tonight tears flowing down her cheeks.

“What…? Blanca, what’s happened? Why are you outside in the middle of the ni-”

“There’s something in the park, some kind of monster!” Blanca was hysteric now, sobbing as if she’d just witnessed her mothers murder. “Help me, please help me…!” She closed her eyes, sliding down the wall onto the sidewalk.

“Blanca, what is going on?! Why are you at the park?!” Karen’s eyes were wide open now, concerned for her friends sudden bizarre outburst.

“Shut up Karen, it doesn’t matter!” she shouted into her laptop. “There’s a MONSTER IN THE PARK!”

Karen put a hand to her forehead. “Listen, Blanca, where are you? I’ll come pick you up, you’ve never handled alcohol well, and-”

“I’m not drunk, you bitch!” she shouted angrily, her face gleaming with tears. “There’s something in the park! It…It looks like a man, but it has WINGS! And CLAWS! Fuck…” She sounded so crazy, so psychotic, it was no wonder her friend didn’t believe her.

It was then she saw the shadow shifting underneath the trees.

It was back.

“THERE!” Blanca shrieked, spinning the laptop around as the creature crept toward her.

“What? Blanca, there’s nothing there…”

The creature lunged, wings spread as it jumped across the street straight at Blanca.

She could hear her friend scream as the beast smashed the laptop and swiped at Blanca, narrowly missing it’s sharp claws. She ducked and scuttled away like a mouse from a cat, sprinting down the sidewalk in the direction of the police station.

The laptops’ screen was frozen on the image of the furious monster, teeth bared and eyes gleaming with hunger, captured by the webcam.

The End

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