Chapter 12; Part 1Mature

Blanca still couldn’t get the images out of her head. The sight of the birds, slamming themselves against the glass, sending bright streaks of blood in all directions…It was horrifying. Being surrounded by them, feeling their wings beat around her in a such a flurry was like a nightmare she could never forget.

She wondered how long it would take for the fear to subside.

Even the police had been dumbfounded by the event. Not since Alfred Hitchcock’s,The Birds, had avians attacked people, and that was a simple fiction scenario. Blanca’s life was not, and she was sure the rest of the people trapped in the small cafe were just as confused and terrified as she was.

The police had put some of their questions to rest, fortunately. The group of ravens was discovered to have been diseased, though with what, no one seemed to know. Rabies did not affect birds, adding to the confusion. However, all injured victims, including Blanca, had received multiple vaccines, just to be sure.

After a necropsy had been done on one of the birds from inside the cafe, the medical examiner had discovered it’s brain to be in the same state as it would have with rabies: inflamed and swollen. Just today, Blanca had heard word around town that the birds corpses were to be gathered and sent to high-end medical facilities, to examine the strange disease, and possibly find an answer.

The medical examiners opinion on the attack was that the swollen brain caused confusion among the animal, just like rabies, and the birds had become aggressive.

The answers stopped there. Ravens did not travel in large groups, nor were they ever aggressive toward humans, so the event was still clouded with questions.

Blanca’s only escape from the confusion and anxiety was her writing.

Her fans were going to clamber for more after the release of this newest book, Blanca new it. She had to start writing the next one, even while her last was still in phases of editing. She had left the end of the book with a terrible cliffhanger, that she knew would draw in new fans of the series.

Now, she sat yet again in the peaceful park outside her apartments, staring at her laptop blankly, unsure what to write. She knew where she wanted to go with the plot, but she had no idea on how to start it. She didn’t want to follow-up immediately with the cliffhanger of the last book, she needed some kind of suspense between the two, but she had no real idea of how to do it, or what exactly to put.

Instead, she gazed lazily around the park, searching for idea’s hidden in the lush trees leaves.

The sun was steadily sinking far into the western horizon, disappearing behind the dense forestry of the park and casting a blood-red glow across the sky.

A light gust of wind buffeted her from behind, blowing her hair into her face.

The air was becoming chilly. It was hard enough to concentrate with the subtle yet gripping fear she still held, and now the wind had begun to raise goosebumps along her arms.

Obviously, it was time to head home. She was not being productive, simply being stuck in a rut of anxiety and pondering.

She closed her laptop, but did not get up. Something was wrong.

Her fear must have subconsciously been controlling her again. She felt she did not have the strength to stand, that if she tried, she would fall back onto the bench.

Instead, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes, forcing her fear to become lethargy and sleepiness.

The End

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