Chapter 11;Part 1Mature

In most ways, Monica loved working for the Denario’s. They had a beautiful house, and dozens of beautiful decorations to fill the space in the majority of rooms. The family themselves were wonderful as well, caring and friendly as if they’d been friends with Monica for years instead of days.

But nothing could be as good as the money they paid her. Due to their likeness of her, they often ended up paying her much more than what was originally agreed upon.

Of course Monica insisted they stick to their original agreement (though she did want the extra money), the Denario’s were relentless and persuasive. During one of the conversations between Mick Denario, the man of the household, and Monica, she accidentally led on that her family was stuck in a rut of poverty.

She was glad the family didn’t think she’d brought up the subject on purpose just to get their sympathy. She honestly had not, the fact had just sort of escaped her during their conversation of her background.

Even coming from a poverty-stricken family like Monica, they seemed to love and support her like one of their own family, donating extra money to help her household get back on their feet.

They were like a group of angel’s sent down from heaven itself, her grandmother had said the day before. Monica agreed with this statement unconditionally.

The one part that was difficult about the job, however, happened to be the fact that the house was so huge. Most of the time, Monica felt overwhelmed, unsure of where to begin, where to go, what to clean first, and she never felt like she had any time for breaks. Of course she took some, but even while she sat and rested, she was thinking about the mansion: what to clean next, what room to start in, what was most important.

This was why Monica happened to be such a wonderful housekeeper, though; the fact that she constantly thought similar questions while she cleaned (though under normal circumstances, she managed to organize her thoughts and proceed with them one-by-one). She was thorough and careful, and always did her best.

However; that night on the rocky spire, her view of the beautiful house and the work she did for it would change indefinitely.

The End

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