Chapter 10; Part 1Mature

By the time Thomas arrived at the coffee shop, all his friends were already there, watching him approach.

“We got our shifts switched, dude,” Cruise said as he sat down at the table.

“I know.”

“ Then why are you here?”

“Um, because I felt like being here?”

“Aw, you just love us that much?” Cruise got up, wrapping his arm around Tommy’s neck and messing up his hair like an older brother (which Cruise somewhat was to Thomas, being as they all grew up together).

“Stop it, stop it!” Tommy growled attempting to escape. Cruise let him go and sat back down next to his girlfriend, smiling evilly.

“Jerk…” Tommy muttered, trying to fix his hair.

“So, you get to babysit the new girl?” asked Taylor.

“I guess so.” He could tell Taylor was jealous. If it had something to do with a girl, he was always jealous. He obviously didn’t know Hannah, though. She was too strange, even for him. Tommy would almost go so far as to call her creepy, even though she seemed nice enough. She just acted so strange the night they’d met.

“I have to stay until midnight,” Tommy told him. “I guess she works night shifts.”

“And Linda doesn’t want her to be the only courtesy clerk, right?”


“She is a courtesy clerk?”

“I guess. Linda actually didn’t mention it, so I’m not sure.”

“I heard from one of the restock guys who was there during her interview that she requested the night shift. Who the hell requests a night shift?”

That was strange. New workers at Geil’s usually started with night shifts. Since no one really wanted them, they stuck it to the newbies. But apparently Hannah actually requested to have night shifts.

Tommy hoped his schedule wouldn’t be permanently changed, to be her partner. He didn’t think Linda would do that to him, but nothing is ever set in stone.

The End

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