Chapter 8; Part 2Mature

His mother noticed the cuts right away.

“Oh my God, what happened?”

“I fell off my bike. I kind of…ran into this girl…She’s ok-”

“You hit someone?!”

“She’s fine, mom. We talked. I told her I was really sorry. It’s never been this dark on my rides home.”

She sighed. “Alright. I’ll get you a band-aid.”

His mother wasn’t one of those super over-protective moms, but she cared a lot for her only son. Since her husband and her parents had passed away, he was really all she had, and she didn’t intend to let anything happen to him.

That night, he heard the strangest noise he’d ever heard. It sounded like something out of a horror movie; like fingernails grating steel while someone screamed in terror. And it sounded like it was right in his backyard.

He cautiously got out of bed and peered out the window.

The moonlight cast eerie shadows that danced under the slightly cloudy sky. There was a slight breeze shifting the tree’s off in the distance, but otherwise nothing moved in the shadows.

Then he heard it again.

This time it was further in the distance, more north and away from town.

He figured it must be some animal with a hoarse voice; possibly a desert fox. Those weren’t entirely uncommon in this area, and they did have strange barks. If one were to get sick, that noise is probably what it would make.

Shaking off the suspicion, he returned to bed and pulled the covers up to his shoulders.

Silence haunted his dreams.

The End

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