Chapter 7; Part 2Mature

Crest laughed heartily to himself. He had watched the whole fiasco from the park, and it was absolutely perfect.

He was so glad Wolf had chosen to release the ravens in his town. He couldn’t imagine that the other infected attacks would be nearly as much fun to watch. The poor little humans had no idea what was going on, and the best part was, they stood there for so long, watching the hoard as it came closer.

And given that he witnessed a few people get wounded, the infection would start. It probably wouldn’t spread, though; Wolf didn’t want it to. If there was a danger of the new infected spreading the disease before it was time, Crest was instructed to simply finish them off.

He laughed again. Zombies. Such an interesting word. He had read up on it before leaving for Clearview.

The named happened to come from Japan, zombii. Apparently, there was a type of fish in that region that had a poison so potent it was known to almost stop the human heart. Almost. Many EKG’s could not detect heartbeats, and so the person was assumed to be dead, but in fact they were not.

In this state of minor bodily function, they could be told what to do, when to do it, and how. There was a rumor that many farmers and the like would use these zombiis as slaves for work they couldn’t otherwise pay someone to do.

Unfortunately, Wolf did not have this advantage. The virus Driftwood had created only had one ability: to reanimate the dead. They could not be told what to do, or controlled in any way. They simply fed on uninfected flesh, whether it be friend or foe. Their one mission was to spread the infection, to kill every last human on the planet to make room for Wolf’s re-imagined, recreated world.

And Crests’ mission was to help in the process.

The End

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