Chapter 5; Part 3Mature

Yuri leaned up against the bar, quiet and depressed.

“You need a drink?” asked the bartender. Yuri shook his head, otherwise not answering. The bartender left him alone and moved on to a happy couple down at the end.

Ray looked over and saw the distressed boy. “What’s the matter, there, kid? Too much to drink or not enough?”

Yuri didn’t like talking to strangers. Not because of those old sayings, but because he wasn’t much of the social type since he’d started worrying about Daniel.

When he didn’t answer, the man kept talking.

“Not enough, obviously. Hey, bartender, get this kid a drink. I’ll pick it up.”

Yuri glared at the pushy man, finally speaking up. “Man, didn’t you just see that I didn’t want a drink?” He was annoyed now.

“Well you need one.”

The bartender arrived with a glass of beer, setting it down next to Yuri’s arm.

“I don’t want it,” Yuri told the bartender, who in turn looked over at Ray.

“Just leave it,” Ray said to him, dismissing the bartender.

“What do you want man?” Yuri asked, peeved.

“Nothing. You just looked like you needed a friend.”

“I don’t need one, especially in you.”

Ray was taken aback by the harshness in the young mans voice. The guy must have been having a terrible day.

Likewise, Yuri had never sounded so rude to someone before, but he didn’t care this time. The guy was a creep, and he wasn’t having a good day.

“Easy there, kid, I’m only looking to help you.”

It didn’t seem appropriate for this guy to be calling Yuri a kid. He must have been only in his twenties, himself.

“I don’t need any help.”

“I think that’s a lie.”

Yuri was getting hardcore pissed off now. “Alright, you wanna know what my problem is?” he growled. “My best friend’s parents died and now he’s a disgusting drunk who spends all his time with terrible people that he thinks are his friends and he doesn’t even listen to his real friends anymore, and I miss him. That’s my problem.”

“Alright, I see.”

“No, you don’t. I don’t see you having to follow your best friend around constantly just to make sure he doesn’t throw up on himself or end up in the garbage bin.”

The kid had a point; Ray had never had an alcoholic friend before.

Maybe he could help this ‘Daniel’ out of his misery.

The End

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