Chapter 5; Part 2Mature

Ray loved this town. It was perfect. It was like a mini San Francisco, complete with large population of drunken bastards that would have no idea what hit them.

It was like the perfect storm. No one would ever believe the stupid drunkards when they said they’d been attacked by a monster.

He smiled as he swigged his drink. The bar he now sat at was filled with noisy alcohol abusers, just asking for him to attack.

But he couldn’t yet. He had to wait until he couldn’t any longer. Wolf’s orders. He had to stay low, at least until the first infected attacked.

He couldn’t wait until the trucks come, though. It would be so…exciting.

Wolf had planned to release a single infected into each town a couple days after the Bloodthieves arrived, just to stir things up a bit; make people nervous, keep ‘em on their toes. Then the trucks would come and pour out the infected like a faucet.

That would be fun.

The best part would be that no one would ever realize how bad the situation was, or what it was coming to. After the Bloodthieves knocked out the power to their towns, the poor citizens would have no connections to the outside world. A week after the power outage, Wolf planned for Driftwood to drop his Necrosis Bombs across the largest cities of the world, sinking the world into a state of chaos and death.

With the majority of defensive forces turned to undead, mindless, creatures (what pop culture seemed to call ‘zombies’), and the infection spreading like water from a broken dam, the world would surely crumble, along with the populations sanity.

Thinking about the chaos made him fill to the brim with enthusiasm. He ordered another drink.

The End

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