Chapter 5; Part 1Mature

Yuri felt bad for Daniel, but he was also disappointed in him.

Just about a year ago, Daniel’s mother and father had been killed in a terrible pile-up on the freeway outside of Glenold. It had been a ten-car pile-up, and his parents had been caught in the middle.

They had been killed instantly, pulverized into their seats like they were part of the car.

In some ways Yuri understood why Daniel had become a drunken mess. It was a horrible tragedy, and Yuri could hardly bear to imagine the same thing happening to his own parents, but he felt there would have been a better way to deal with the pain other than turning to alcohol.

Yuri worried about what his best friend had become. Daniel stayed out all night at the clubs, drinking and swapping spit with girls he’d never met before, and he thought it was all great fun.

If his parents knew what had happened to him after their death, they would have frowned upon him, and no doubt reprimanded him for the awful behavior.

Daniel wouldn’t listen to Yuri when he said he was killing himself. All he knew was that the alcohol made him forget.

All Yuri could do was follow what was left of his best friend and make sure he didn’t hurt himself, or get into any trouble he couldn’t handle by himself. It was hard for Yuri, though. Since becoming an alcoholic, Daniel’s old friends had left him, and he had replaced them with other sickly alcoholics that always seemed to be watching Yuri like they were planning something.

They knew Yuri didn’t drink, so they didn’t understand why he hung out with Daniel all the time, and they obviously didn’t like it. All too often they would try to separate the two friends, but Yuri would never let them. He couldn’t let Daniel be pulled fully into the alcoholic abyss. They been friends too long; it would be far too devastating.

Besides that, he’d have to move back in with his parents. He and Daniel split the rent of their shared apartment, and without Daniel’s drug-dealing income, Yuri couldn’t afford a place by himself.

He just didn’t know what to do. There didn’t seem to be any way to get Daniel sober. At this rate, he was going to die, and Yuri couldn’t do a thing about it.

Or his town’s impending doom.

The End

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