Chapter 4; Part 3Mature

Dirga smirked at the appearance of the town as the plane descended. There was hardly any colour to it; the houses, the trees, the grass, even the roads were either brown or a light tan.

The place just looked dirty. Dirga, about to be ‘Anita’ among the pesky humans of Corona Rojo, was not thrilled to be here. No doubt the people that lived there were dirty as well. She may be a bloodthirsty creature, but certainly she could sink her teeth into some cleaner morsels than what obviously lived around here.

As the plane set down in flatlands just outside the small town, the engines kicked up a dust storm probably not uncommon to the area.

Reluctant to leave the air-conditioned cleanliness of the jet, she took her time unbuckling herself, getting out of the seat, and making her way to the door.

The pilot watched her leave happily.

The End

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