Chapter 4; Part 2Mature

This was possibly going to be the best money Monica had ever made. Out of all the housekeepers the Denario’s had at their disposal, they had chosen Monica.

She would certainly do a good job (of course she never did badly. She was one of the highest rated housekeepers online, and proud of it). She had to prove to them that she was worth keeping for as long as they needed (hopefully a long time). She needed this money for her family.

It was up to Monica to bring income to her family. With two young siblings, her frail mother and father, and even more delicate grandmother living in one house, she had it rough keeping up with the expenses. They had no electricity, and thus light around the home was provided by small candles scattered about the house. Fortunately they still had running water, which was a blessing to the family, and to Monica. She didn’t need to worry about work and getting water for her family, or cleaning the water for that matter.

The Denario’s were probably the richest people living in Corona Rojo at the moment. They owned a huge, magnificent house at the top of what the locals called “chapitel rocosa”, the Rocky Spire, that looked out upon the whole town.

Some of the locals also like to say the place was cursed, that the place the mansion was built on the mountain used to be an Indian burial ground.

The rest of her family believed this, but Monica did not. She didn’t have time to be scared by ghost stories and hocus-pocus. She had to take care of her family. They had warned her not to take the job, but she persisted. The Denario’s had promised a wonderful amount of money for a Monday to Friday job, and she took it immediately. The money she would earn would be more than enough to keep her family well fed, clean, and maybe even get back their electricity.

The End

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