Chapter 4; Part 1Mature

“You’re trucks are ready?”

“Yes sir.”

“Only the creations I indicated in your letter?”

“Yes sir.”

Wolf appreciated Legion’s eagerness, but at times it was too much. Legion did not want to start the apocalypse with small towns. He wanted to use Driftwoods' Necrosis Bombs on huge cities like San Francisco and New York City. He didn’t understand the value of making the population fear their presence. All he cared about was death (who also happened to be his best friend; Death with a capital D).

Wolf was hoping Legion was being true to his word. Tiny numbers of Driftwoods’ abominations were to be sent to accompany the Bloodthieves. Any more than Wolf’s instructed number would compromise all their plans. There had to be enough to make the citizens wonder, but few enough so they wouldn’t be seen all that often. Of course the police force wouldn’t believe the citizens when they said monsters had broken into their home. There would be so few there would be little to no evidence, so they would be simply written off as mistaking an identity of a rabid animal.

“Then send them out.”

“Yes sir.” Legion took a large radio out of his pocket.


The End

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