Chapter 3; Part 2Mature

After they’d had their coffee and a few various food items, it was near time for Taylor, Thomas, and Cruise to go to work.

Olivia gave her boyfriend a goodbye kiss on his way to his car, while Taylor and Thomas played homosexual.

They were holding hands while they walked down the steps to the sidewalk, exaggerating the sway of a girls walk and smiling too happily.

This was just a friendly thing they did, since they were in the same boat with the girl issues. Sierra and Olivia both thought it was hilarious. They did it quite often, too. They both found it entertaining, especially doing it after Cruise and Olivia.

Cruise was aware it was partially to mock his and Olivia’s love, but he did nothing about it.

When Thomas got to his bike, he and Taylor hugged, holding each other in their arms for an extended amount of time. Cruise glared at them from his car and quickly pulled out into the street.

“Hahaha,” Taylor laughed. “Well, I’ll see you later.” He slapped his best friend on the back and took off back up the steps to sit next to Sierra. Thomas shook his head, smiling. Taylor was so hopeless when it came to Sierra. He definitely wasn’t her type, she was just being nice.

Tommy took off, jumping the curb down into the bike lane and starting towards Geil’s.

The End

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