Chapter 2; Part 1Mature

Crest despised Feara. He knew she hated what she was, and that she hated everyone around her, including him.

She had no idea the power Wolf had given her. Instead of helping them rise to greatness, she was pitying the poor humans she devoured.

Fool, he thought. She was lucky she did what she was told, or he’d do something about her. Wolf would let him, too. He knew he was Wolf’s favorite of his small army of Bloodthieves.

Unlike Feara, he embraced the fact he was a monster. It gave him power. It made him almost invincible, and to the humans who didn’t know his weakness, he was invincible. He didn’t care that he killed people. He couldn’t wait until his next feeding.

The humans had no idea what was coming, and it made him well up with a dark happiness, knowing that he would be apart of the genocide. He could hardly wait to hear the screams of fear as the terrified humans began to catch on. He wanted to feel their despair when they realized they couldn’t escape.

Just thinking about it made him antsy in his seat.

Couldn’t this plane go any faster?

But it didn’t matter. He had strict instructions to feed as secretly as possible until Legion’s ‘delivery’ arrived. Then he could commence the terror among the small town.

He grinned, allowing for his teeth to change shape and sharpen into gleaming fangs.

He was already hungry.

The quiet co-pilot looked back at him, keeping a nervous watch on Crest.

Wolf wouldn’t mind if he had a mid-flight snack, right?

The End

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