Chapter 1; Part 3Mature

“It will take at least a month, possibly two, for the trucks to reach your
location. Until then, I expect you to avoid attention. Kill quietly. We must
scare them before we strike. More mayhem is more control.”
Wolf’s voice came out of nowhere, startling her and forcing her to stop in her
Her master was following her to the plane; probably making sure she wouldn’t
back out and run away at the last second. Wolf knew all her secrets. 
“I’m counting on you for this.” 
She nodded, unable to find words. She wasn’t looking forward to this at all. She
wished she could just live in solitude in the home Wolf made for her; there, at
least she wouldn’t have to kill people. 
But life would never be easy for a Bloodthief. 

The plane ride was terrible. The pilot was a young man Wolf had kidnapped a few
months earlier, and he did not enjoy the people he was not forced to attend to. 
He knew what she was. She could see him fidgeting in his seat, keeping a
near-constant watch on her. 
The plane was a Wolf’s own private jet, swift and compact. She sat near to the
pilot, wishing there were some way to comfort him, but knowing all too well
there was nothing she could do. 
The young man wore a collar around his neck. If he did anything Wolf did not
approve of, he’d be left with a mere stump where his head used to be. 
She longed for a way to escape from this mission. If only that collar didn’t
exist, she could make the pilot land and they could both escape. She could live
in the mountains, she supposed; there were few people to hurt there, only
animals. It couldn’t possibly be that bad. 
However, she knew something would go wrong. Wolf would find her, and kill her
for her betrayal. 
She had no choice but to continue on with her mission

The End

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