Chapter 1;Part 1Mature

A new-style zombie apocalypse series; this one starts from the beginning and doesn't throw you straight into a group of survivors. No, you live the apocalypse through the citizens of Riverside as they're devoured from beginning to end, until we're narrowed down to our few main characters. Oh, and did we mention, there's not only hordes zombies to avoid but savage hybrids, carnivorous horses, and blood-craving vampire creatures? And the guys causing the apocalypse are pretty bad too.

"This is what you were created to do."
                 "Yes. I understand."
                 "You're sure you have the ability to do this? This may be be only one
ground-zero, but it's importance is unparalleled. The town is small for a reason."
                 "I know."
                 "The pawns will spread in all directions. They will reach far."
                 She hoped this conversation wouldn't last much longer. She'd heard this
information multiple times before; the only difference now was that he was
speaking to her directly. It made her feel important, but at the same time,
                 She nodded. "We all know they will."
                 "Good. You're aware of your mission? You must fit in until Legion's delivery
takes hold. Feed in secrecy. Let no one know your intent."
                 "Yes sir."
                 She didn't want to do this, but denying Wolf was like denying God. Nothing ever
ends well.
                 Besides, Wolf and his…well, she didn't know what to call them. Mercenaries was a
good word for most. They had created her. They had taught her, nurtured her, and
been her family (she didn't find 'family' the best term for their relationship,
but she could not think of an appropriate alternative). They were all she had,
and while she wasn't thrilled at all about her new mission, she would get nothing out of denying it. If she even got a chance to leave, she would have no where to go. Wolf
was the one that supplied her with places to live and food to eat. Scissor was
the one that fed her when she craved blood.
                 The humans outside their secretive headquarters would never understand, or care
for that matter. Humans were afraid of what they didn't understand. To them, she
was a monster, not a girl (she never really thought of herself as a girl either,
but she couldn't quite live with the sole fact that she was, in fact, a monster.
                 She added the lie of being a girl to her mind to keep on living). Other than
that, she wouldn't even be able to handle herself. Not in the terms of living on
her own. Knowing she was out there killing innocent people and hardly even
realizing it would be too much. She feared death, but she'd surely find a way to
bring an end to her life, to spare the humans that were all, to her, prey.
                 She would have killed herself by now if she'd had the guts. But the creature
inside her wouldn't allow it. She believed she didn't want to die, because the
creature told her so. She was scared to die, because the creature did not want
to be killed.
                 She halfway hoped that on this new mission, given directly by Wolf himself, that
a human would come along and kill her, that someone would find her hunting,
infiltrating a home to steal the blood of innocents, and kill her.
                 But they'd need silver. It would be all they could use. Lead bullets would be a
mere thorn in her side. And the humans would never know her weakness.
                 Thinking of hunting the poor humans of Riverside made her feel sick to her
stomach. She'd killed many people her lifetime, but she never got used to it,
and she never would.
                 "There will be no one there to assist you, as in the past," Wolf continued to
inform her.
                 "I understand. I will be fine by myself."
                 "Don't think I'm unaware of your hatred toward me and yourself. You were made to
do these things, and you have no choice, and I'm sure you realize it."
                 That was Wolf. Able to read minds like a licensed psychic. Still, she was
stunned he saw right through her facade of bravery and compliance.
                 "I…" She knew it was inappropriate to stutter before him, but could not find the
words to continue. She had no idea what to say in response. She expected a
backhand from her master, but to her surprise, he only smiled.
                 "I'm glad. You have a brain. You may prove to be a very key component in this
chess game."
                 It angered her every time he called it that. To him, killing innocent people was
just a game. And the worse part? He never lost.

The End

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