Michael has an active imagination, and always has a fantastic idea for every tight situation. Unfortunately, his ideas often involve the flavor of a good fiction story with HIM as the main character! For each situation, his imagined actions are played out in full surround sound and high definition!

Some call me a dreamer. Some call me crazy. But what can I say? I have an active imagination. And in my world, I'm amazing. You see...whenever I get caught in a difficult situation, my mind offers me ideas...And it must be said that in the area of offering possibilities, my mind has a wide zoom lens.

You could say it's impractical or maybe foolish, but I think it's perfectly fine not to rule out a series of perfectly good possibilities. I cannot imagine how boring it must be for those people who's minds cross off all the good ideas!

Good ideas--like alien abductions, super powers, and sudden showdowns. You can't cross all of those off; they're just too awesome.

There is one problem though. I often spend such a long time watching the exciting ideas play across my mind's internal player, that I don't actually get to make a decision. And gee, I don't know if I could decide! They're all so exciting...

So anyway, I showed up late to work one day and my boss cornered me. He normally ignores my lateness, but this time he cornered me into a tight situation. And you know what I do when I get caught in a tight situation? My mind goes wild and jumps into action! It comes up with brilliant ideas!

"Michael," warns my boss. "Just answer me this once! Can I trust you to start showing up on time? And don't give me any of those ranting stories."

And what do I do? We-he-ell...just wait and see!

The End

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