Chapter three - the night. 

Home alone was something I never was. It was foreign to me, something I never appreciated nor liked. But now, I treasured the solitude of the quietness in my home. The only sound that made it into my Penthouse apartment was the drunken laughter of those forty stories below me, and the sound of cars. There was a slight hint of music in the air, too, that vibrated the walls with its bass. 

I lay in the dark, on the creme-coloured suede loveseat with my arm thrown over my tired eyes. The thing about Succubi is that when they're tired, it shows. Without looking into a mirror I knew my skin wasn't a milky colour but rather washed-out white, my eyes a dull, placid green-grey. My hair, thankfully, was probably the same but I couldn't muster the motivation to check. All I wanted to do was just lie here, unmoving; but no. There was the little beep from my phone notifying me I had a message. I turned over on my side. The phone was so far away from my reach.

Slowly, my tail unravelled itself from around one of my legs and grabbed up my phone. It slipped into my hands, and I flipped the screen up; a wince and snarl being my reaction towards the bright light. I clicked open the message and made a disgruntled sound as I saw the sender. Xeothaine. Angelika wants to meet in Niz tomorrow morning. 10.30. Don't you dare be late. 

Squinting at the phone screen, I ran the name through my long-term memory. I didn't know an Angelika. Who's that? I tapped back and the reply was instant. Good. You're an idiot, you know that? Angelika Latislav is the vampyre from Friday night. Friday night. that was two days ago, considering today was Sunday. Oh! The red-haired beauty. Somehow, the name seemed fitting. The hell does she want? I typed back. Why would she be up at 10.30 anyway? Vampyres aren't allergic to sunlight - that's a ridiculous myth - but they do sleep late into the day. 

The siren of an ambulance blared suddenly, causing my highly sensitive ears to scream in agony and I bolted upright, clamping my hands over them. An endless line of curses ran from my mouth as the ringing laughed in my ears. Well, at least it had motivated me to sit up. I took my hands away tentatively, letting them fall slack by my sides, glaring at the open balcony doors. The curtains, beautiful and heavy with their black silk material; decorated by golden, swirling patterns were drawn back, a breeze making their weight flutter slightly. Hauling my body onto my feet, I approached the open doors, and took a dainty step onto the stone balcony. 

The scenery, as city-like as it is, was breathtaking. My Penthouse was possibly the tallest building in the city, with the exception of the Niz - and Ceralls that was located in the South-East. What  I could see now was the definition of dazzling; the street lights, a multitude of colours, created an illuminating glow that drifted through the shadows of the city, the wide streets decorated with trees and plants and cafe tables. I leaned on the railing, staring down at the city. At my city. 

A breeze grazed the back of my neck and a gasp ripped itself from my throat. Shivers immediately attacked my spine, and my hands crept to my throat. The little hairs were standing on end, and I felt an aura sweep through the air.

And then it was gone.

Just like that. Puzzled, I stared into the empty air, my gaze going in beyond, towards my apartment; no one there. How strange. My phone buzzed in the pocket of my tracksuit pants - something I'd never be caught dead in while in public - and I slipped the slim thing out. She wants to invite you to an event. You can pick up some more customers. 

Even though it was only a text, I could hear his scornful, degrading tone dripping with sarcasm. In a fit of hate for the bastard, I threw the phone into the apartment. I didn't hear a crash; it had collided with the couch, knowing my luck. I scratched furiously at my hair, and went back in, slamming the balcony doors shut with enough force to shatter the glass. Thankfully, though, it only shook in its frame. I let loose the curtains, and drew them shut - that last of light extinguished from the room. 

And into the darkness I went, easily finding the couch and lying back down, drifting off to a restless sleep.

The End

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