For ExtravaganceMature

Chapter two - at your service.

The buttons of Xeothaine's shirt slipped through my fingers, and the silky piece of clothing fell to the floor with an impatient gesture of his arm. He growled, a sound so infuriated and vicious it brought chills to my skin. I let out a gasp as he slammed my bare back against the hotel room's wall with a tremendous force, and I cried aloud, but my voice was hushed and absorbed by Xeothaine's lips connecting with mine. He tasted of aggravation and sweat and sugar, a mix so deadly I was caught in its undertow. I felt his hands scorch across my pale skin all over; my breasts, the skin of my stomach, the insides of my thighs, my shoulders. Places I had never known could feel so exotic and pleasurable he made scream for his touch and when he didn't give it, I whimpered. 

''Beg me,'' he whispered roughly into my ear, clamping down on it with his teeth. I let out a sound that was something between a strangled gasp and a moan of pleasure. My legs locked onto his hips, my hands gripping to his broad shoulders, my nails making imprints in his skin. ''Beg me, Melina!'' He shouted and I bit my lip. The nails that were threatening to draw blood pierced his flesh as I did as he commanded, ''Touch me, Xeothaine! Anywhere, everywhere,'' I gasped, throwing my head back. My hair billowed down from its quick up-do, tumbling over my shoulders and back, exposing my throat to his merciless mouth. 

''Oh,'' I gasped in sizzling ecstasy as his teeth bit into my pale skin over and over, his tongue flicking over the shallow wounds, and sucking harshly at my throat and the tops of my breasts. Later, I would worry about these marks, but not now; now I anticipated the pleasure they brought. Xeothaine pushed his whole, shirtless body into me, crushing me into the cement wall. But I didn't care. I tried to pull him further into me. The heat between us was suffocating, steam rising from our skin - it only made everything more pleasurable. His hands suddenly stopped grazing over my body, and I let out a short gasp of protest, before I felt them reappear, cupping my ass. 

We collapsed onto the bed and automatically, I opened my legs, his body falling into place with mine. His hands slammed down onto the bed at either side of my face, his lips crashing into mine. I arched my back towards him in agonising longing, his lips moving with mine. The open window let in a breeze and it washed over my skin with appreciating coolness. My hands clamped at his belt buckle which I undid with deft skill, and he shrugged off the skin-tight jeans. His boxers followed in movements too fast for me to catch. There was his body, then, exposed to me in its Godly form. Bronzed to perfection, with the smooth, hard lines of his abs obvious everywhere. The perfect line of his jaw; the jagged starlight white hair flopping over his sweaty forehead; his silver eyes flashing dangerously. And then he pushed me back down; his hard, hot shaft pushing at my entrance. I writhed beneath his grip, staring at him with sickening need. 

''Take me,'' I demanded in a voice I only used when running the slave trade. Xeothaine was unfazed by it and shook his head slowly, his handsome features taunting. ''Convince me to take you.'' Was all he said and he crept down along my body, his tongue grazing my milky skin as he went. Finally, he reached my soaked panties, and pressed his tongue against them. ''No!'' I protested. Not this kind of agonising torture; I couldn't handle it. But he didn't care. He slowly removed my silken panties, his fingers slowly stroking over my thighs. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of staring at the bed posts, I felt his hot breath against my opening again. And then his tongue flicked out, barely grazing over my sensitive spot. I cried out in a feeling of absolute euphoria. His tongue began to draw out long licks along my slit, a horrid teasing manner. 

My fingers went down to tangle in his hair, my breathing loud and ragged. ''You're torturing me,'' I finally choked out. He thrust his tongue into me one last time, before coming up, his face inches from mine again. ''Yes, I think you might be right,'' he said, grabbing my legs in a vicious manner. Instinctively, I locked my legs around his waist. And then, he thrust his full length into me. The scream from my mouth was one that could have been heard all through Bardolo. Shocking tremors poured through my whole body, tears springing into my eyes. No Incubus had ever made me like this; this feeling of absolute pain and ecstasy all at one. Xeothaine was bemused by my whimpers and screams. He began to push himself into me, and out, and in with a rhythm that made moans come non-stop. 

His pace became faster, his hands more urgent as they pulled at my hair and skimmed over my skin. I arched my body towards his, letting him have me, the pleasure bursting within me too indescribable for words or sounds any more. Suddenly, he yanked my hair, and I heard the long, drawn-out groan of absolute pleasure emanate from his mouth. My ears tingled with smugness, and then I threw my head back as I felt my walls tighten. ''Scream for me,'' is the last thing I heard clearly. The seconds that followed were ones of moans and screams, of whimpers and groans, ones of indescribable feelings of pain and pleasure and hatred. 

Somewhere in the delicious, warm place between conciousness and sleep is where I was when I heard Xeothaine close the hotel door. It took moments to struggle against the pull of the sleep before I sat up, looking around. The bedside lamp was on, and beneath the glow was a wad of money - hundred dollar notes, to be exact. And a note. Of course. Like always, he left a note. I lay back down on the tangled sheets, feeling the cool air abuse my hot skin. Sure, why not? I'd already been used and abused. I felt tears well up in my eyes, and let them flow, feeling ashamed and worthless. 

''Nothing but a whore,'' I told myself in a shaking whisper. Then, somewhere through the self-loathing, tears and pain, I found a comforting thought that I drifted off to sleep with.

The End

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