There does exist a place on Earth where creatures, so much more deadly and beautiful than humans reign, where slave trades exist, where humans have absolutely no authority over anything. And in this place is a secluded city, where one demon rules. And she's fearless.

Chapter 1 - this is my city. 

''Mistress,'' gasped the writhing human beneath my grasp, his skin slick with sweat, his throat raw from screams of pain and pleasure. Through the darkness I saw his pale blue eyes flicker open and closed, I heard his breath coming in ragged pants. Beneath my own naked body, I felt his tense and a low moan escaped my own mouth as the climax between us erupted. The human's body relaxed soon after and fell limp as his mind succumbed to a deep slumber, one which he would arise from with a pounding headache and a feeling of loss that would linger in his heart for days. As soon as I could muster the energy, I rolled off of him onto the silken bed sheets and lay there a moment, my body fatigued and my mind in over-drive. 

I reached across to the bedside table and flicked a switch on one of the two lamps that resided there and winced slightly as a fluorescent light sped around the hotel room, bouncing off of silver furnishings and it created a gleam on the vanity mirror perched on a marble dresser across the room. I eventually found the motivation to sit up, and finally stand on my feet. Instinctively, I went to the balcony doors and opened them, a cool breeze drifting into the area, clearing away the fog of our actions. I breathed in the fresh air with utmost gratitude and exhaled it slowly. Oh, it was nice. Too nice, even. I licked my lips and turned away from the doors, then went to the en suite where the cream tiles and mirrored walls reflected my image. With a quick wink to my doppleganger, I turned on the shower and got in. 

The warm water cascaded over my sweat-slick skin, replenishing it too its former milk-pale beauty. Steam rose in drifting curls from my whole body, latching to the crystal glass of the shower doors, creating a misty sheen. While running my hands through my hair, my slim, pointed tail curled around one of my legs. With an elbow I clicked the off-button and the shower spluttered cold water over me, then turned off, a steady drip-drop sound echoing off of the tiles. I slipped through the shower doors and pulled one of the two silken dressing gowns down from the door-hook and pulled it on over my wet skin. Wrapping my hair in a towel, I exited the en suite to find my phone - in the corner of the room where I'd thrown it in a fit of anguish and desperation earlier - beeping and flashing its white light, indicating I had an unread message. 

Picking it up, I discarded the wet dressing gown onto the floor and stood by the open balcony doors where the breeze that had become slightly warmer brushed over my damp body. I threw away the towel, too, and opened the message to see it was from Xeothain, my... Well, partner. Are you done screwing around yet? I couldn't help the contemptuous sound that escaped my mouth in a displeased snort. Yeah, why? I tapped back. Setting the phone down, I dragged on a pair of underwear that lay lonely on the floor. The phone beeped again. 

Good. North-west side, down by the Club. Get your ass out there now. Some humans abusing a lone vampyre. 

''Wonderful,'' I muttered to myself as I scooped up the wad of money from the man's bedside table.


Bardolo is a huge city of just clubs and bars. Much like Las Vegas, except Las Vegas isn't run by creatures of the night, and it's also not as big. 

My perch was on Quaystone street, which was near the coast. The pier was only a couple of blocks down from my exact location. The wind was more harsh on the top of the Niz building - another bar - but it had a good view of the entire street. My eyes located the club Xeothaine had told me about, that was actually named The Club. Not a very unique name, but it was so far the only one like that. The Club was a hotspot for all vampyres in town, so other demons and creatures usually stayed away from it; but not humans. Those petty, vile things were everywhere. 

I waited patiently, my eyes scanning the street, and then I heard it; the very frail sound of scuffling. It was across the street, in the narrow alleyway between The Club and a bar that was being renovated at the moment. From my back, two translucent bat-like wings sprouted and I spread them. Ugh, cramps. After a moment or two of stretching; furling and unfurling, I popped onto the roof's railing, and let myself fall forward. My wings spread and caught on an updraught. The breeze ruffled my hair, and oh, I felt horribly shaky. I hadn't been in flight for so long. The landing was almost as bad, though I didn't nearly die. Beneath my booted feet I felt the vibrating beat of music, and the stench of blood and sweat surrounded the whole perimeter of the building. Wrinkling my nose, I sauntered to the edge of the roof, and peered down. In the white glow of the street light, I saw three figures huddled close together. And heard the whimpers.

''Not so high and mighty now, are you?''

''Come on, hooker, surely you've got more fight than that!''

Weak and fatigued snarls followed the chorus of laughter.  Three males, and it was definitely a female vampyre. Oh, goody. My wings snapped out again, and I leaped off of the roof railing. Landed neatly in the shadows. And watched. The vampyre was on the cobblestoned ground making feeble sounds of protest. From my hiding place, I could see why they'd chosen her; she was alone, and stunningly beautiful. Long, silken red hair that flowed around her in cascading tendrils and wide, jewel-bright sapphire eyes. Her skin was as pale as milk, and now so much of it was exposed. Her red attire for that evening had been ripped to shreds and now lay around her in tatters, all she was left in was a black, lacy bra. Her thighs and stomach were decorated with wounds, and they leaked blood, which she tried desperately to wipe away. One of the men dropped to his knees then while the others sniggered and grabbed her hair. The vampyre gave out an piercing scream of agony and terror as the male in front of her thrust forward. And that's when I stepped out, and gave a slight cough. 

To their eyes, I was a Goddess. A girl with a small, and slender frame that even the tiniest movements looked like liquid. Her voluptuous form, curved in all the right places contained in a sleeveless leather jumpsuit, of which the bodice was held together with engraved silver clasps. Her breasts spilled out over the top of her suit, showing the violet line of her bra. Protruding from her back were a giant pair of wings, black and translucent that batted away absently in the wind. Her hair was the colour of wheat, so pale and silky as it flowed with the breeze. Her face was shadowed with their high cheek-bones, above them, set deeply against the pale pallor of her face were her emerald eyes that were glowing with menace. A tail whipped around her legs, taunting, while a whip dozed idly in her hand.

Each of them turned and paused, then gaped. Even fully clothed, I could make them drool. ''Now, now, boys. What are you doing?'' They stuttered, and the male on his knees leaped up, fumbling with his pants.

''N-nothing,'' he said quickly, his dark hair falling over his forehead. I tilted my head as though honestly surprised. 

''Raping a vampyre, and beating her mercilessly doesn't seem like nothing,'' was my cold reply. They were frozen a second while my face became sharper, my eyes widening; a sadistic smile grazing my lips. ''Run, fools,'' I whispered, and within seconds, they'd taken off. I giggled, then directed my gaze to the vampyre who was losing conciousness fast.

''Good job, whore,'' said Xeothaine's voice from behind me. I cringed, then scowled. I turned on my heel, flipped off his towering frame, and spread my wings. ''Thanks.'' Was my only reply left echoing in the dimly lit alley.  

The End

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