The Great Decision Fish

Poseidon, bored of munching on his daily greens, began to walk through the dense forest. On his journey he met many of his loyal subjects. There were the pygmy diplodici, who bounded through the forest with shouts of "kadunkadunk". There were the stegosauri who could never manage more than "maah!". And finally, there were the polkasauri, who's skin was covered with hundreds of polka dots that changed colour every five seconds.

The pygmy diplodici bounded beside Poseidon and the stegosauri cleared the path for him with their shouts of "maah!". By the time Poseidon left the forest and said goodbye to his fan club, which marched off like some kind of prehistoric disco, he still hadn't come to a decision.

"I know! I'll pay a visit to the Great Decision Fish!" Poseidon said to nobody in particular and went off on his merry way to see the Great Decision Fish.

However, the Great Decision Fish was an elusive beast and never stayed in more than one place for more than an hour. Nonetheless Poseidon set out om his journey to see his good friend, the Great Decision Fish. Poseidon and the Great Decision Fish were good friends because Poseidon could never make up his mind. He would sit and stand and pace for hours while the cogs of his brainbox turned and turned but he would never make a decision. So each time Poseidon pondered something it resulted in a visit to the Great Decision Fish. As Poseidon thought about the inner workings of his mind system he began to question his position as king.

What good is a king who can't make decisions? He asked himself. Perhaps I should ask the Great Decision Fish if I make a good king. But I had to ask him what I was going to do with my day.

Poseidon now had another decision to make: ask the Great Decision Fish if he was a good king or ask what he should do with his day. So, as he walked, Poseidon pondered his ponderings and still came to no conclusion. He had walked for miles on end and had no decision and no Great Decision Fish. Poseidon frowned and decided to have something to eat. The leafy trees didn't look that appetising so he opened his mouth as wide as a black hole and gobbled up a passing Bumblesaurus. Nobody liked Bumblesauri, they bumbled on too much. Bumblesauri had even been known to bore other dinosaurs to death with their bumbling. And as Poseidon swallowed the last of the stringy Bumblesaurus, he heard splashing. It was such loud splashing that it could only have been the Great Decision Fish! He ran through the trees that had magically appeared and arrived at a great pool of water. In the middle of the pool was... Not the Great Decision Fish.

The End

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