Poseidon, King Of The Dinosaurs

Poseidon is the king of the dinosaurs. But he has trouble making decisions. Cue the Great Decision Fish! Alas, the Great Decision Fish never stays in the same place. Will Poseidon find the Great Decision Fish and make up his mind?

Once there was a dinosaur. A dinosaur named Poseidon, to be exact. Poseidon was and always had been the king of the dinosaurs. Poseidon was a diplodocus and a great diplodocus at that. He was bigger than the mountains. In fact, he could level a mountain with one swing of his gargantuan tail. And he was green. Poseidon loved his shade of green. It wasn't pea green like the stegosauri but it wasn't leafy green like the fronds of the ferns he so happily munched upon on such a fine day. No, Poseidon was emerald green and glimmered in the light. The sun shone down ob his back and he began to ponder what he should do with his day.

The End

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