Portal Child

My feet leave footprints in the centimeter thick dust that has gathered in the old house. I knew I shouldn't be in here, but the door had been left ajar, and the dusty, dark hallway had drawn me in. 

I walked through into the front room. Everything was covered in the same thick dust. The floor, the sofa, the lamps... I imagined that even the walls would be covered in dust, were that possible. There was a door with glass paneling leading into another room. I walked over slowly, running my finger through the thick dust on the table-top, loving the snail-like trail it made in its wake. 

I spy a switch on the wall, and flick it, not thinking it will do anything. Surely the electricity supply to this place was turned off ages ago...

Suddenly, everything goes black. I feel for the switch, and find it. I flick it over and over, but nothing happens. Then, just as suddenly as it left, the light comes back, stronger than before. Sunlight is pouring in through a strangely clean window, and the sky outside is blue and cloudless. That can't be right... When I came in here, it was getting late, and the sky was filled with clouds.. A sense of unease grows inside me, and swells when I look around and see that all the dust is gone.. The surfaces are gleaming, the windows, before cracked and boarded up, are spotless. I look back into the front room. There is no trace of the dust on the table, the dust I ran my finger through mere minutes before.. 

My heart thumping, I head back through the front room and out through the still ajar front door. The street is deserted, and the sun is beating down, the grass green and the birds singing. The beautiful bird song sends shivers down my spine. I look around at the house. It looks brand new, showing none of the weathered signs it had when I entered... No more does it have chipped bricks, missing roof tiles, cracked and boarded up windows... My heart now hammering fit to bust, I begin to walk down the road. I soon reach the end, but to my confusion, a makeshift barrier has been made. 

With a gulp, I scale the barrier easily. I drop roughly down the other side, attracting the attention of some men, clad in head-to-toe white plastic suits. 

"Another!" One calls. Three more come from nowhere, all looking identical in their hooded suits. 

Two pull me to my feet and link their arms around mine. Another man strides into my view. He, too, is in a white suit, but the hood on his is down, and I can see his cropped blonde hair and harsh features. He has a strong jaw, straight, chiseled nose and cold grey eyes. A scar runs from his temple to his chin. 

"YOU GIRL!" He yells, his voice making me cringe. "What's your name? Where're your parents?" 

"My name? My name's..." I frown. What is my name? Where are my parents? Do I even have parents? 

With a jolt, I realize I have no memory of anything before the dusty house.. That is when I drop to the ground, in a dead faint... 

The End

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