Your's and MineMature

I moved into the barn so I could let Ruby gather her things from my house. I wrapped myself in a saddle pad, a Mexican style blanket. It was dirty but warm like Stormy. I pushed the Giant sliding, door open and forced light into the building. I peaked out at the long winding driveway when I heard the gentle roar of a Volkswagon. A moment later the car was gone, taking Ruby with it.

I wasn't ready to go back inside. I curled up on an over sized hay bail. The barn smelled of crab apples and oats. I let the aroma lull me into a daze. A moment later I heard the putter of my neighbor's tractor. The engine cut out, and the sliding door was forced open further. Letting an unpleasant draft into the barn. I sat up blinking the sleep out of my eyes. My neighbor Sawyer walked in wearing a smirk on his face

“Rough night?” Sawyer asked. Moving towards the opposite wall. He opened the other sliding door and was greeted with an impatient nudge from Stormy. He took the horse by his bridal and lead him into an open stall.

I stared daggers at him We hadn't been on friendly terms in over a year. Not since he dated Ruby, and occupied her every thought with his clinginess. He sulked around for the last two months since Ruby dumped him. I didn't get him anymore, maybe I never did. He lowered his gaze to my pink superman pajama pants and winked at me. I pulled the saddle pad tighter around my body.

“Is your father here?” Sawyer asked breaking the prolonged silence.

I shook my head. “He's away with some... friends.”

Sawyer offered me a sympathetic look. I challenged it with a reproachful look of my own, silently warning him not to go there. “Where does he want the bails?”

“Same place they always go. Why are you delivering and not your brother?” I demanded standing up.

“He's sick.”

I frowned I preferred the company of his brother much more lately. Ben was kind and gentle where Sawyer was stubborn and tortured. His dark hair fell into his eyes completing the emo effect. I wondered if that's what Ruby thought about me now. That I had gone emo. I didn't have a grundge garage band to back me up like Sawyer did, so emo could not be my M.O.

I waited for Sawyer to head outside to start unloading the wagon. Instead he just stood there staring at me with his arms crossed.

“What's your problem?” I asked.

He laughed sarcastically. “It seems, my problem is your problem now too.”

I tilted my head inquisitively. “You were eavesdropping?”

A smile lit up his face He dodged my question. “You know there is only one reason why she pushes people away.”

I gave him a dirty look. “Don't act like you know here better than I do.”

“Impossible. What I do know is that she feels insignificant if she doesn't have someone to pine after her.”

I met his gaze. My throat had suddenly gone dry. Ruby wouldn't do that to me. She loved me. I was her friend not a suitor out of a Jane Austin novel, I wasn't trying to win her affections. I already had them, up until now. I didn't chase anyone. In time Ruby would apologize to me. I reassured myself of this well into the night. When I woke on Monday morning it was the first thought burning through my mind

The End

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