The ShedMature

The shed in question was about two miles through Skray infested streets. I know of a few shortcuts that might make the trip easier, but with the Skray hunting me, I would need to stick to less populated areas, move slowly, and be ready to hide at any moment. Subtlety is my only option. If I lead the Skray right to my hiding place, I'm done, lights out.

I pull the collar of my coat further up on my face. I keep to myself, eyes to the ground on my way to the shed. Thankfully, the Skrays know nothing of stealth. I can hear them coming from two blocks away, giving me enough time to find a comfortable hiding spot to wait in.

The hiding has slowed me down. With each minute, more Skray are on alert to find me. I curse Jack for finding me a hiding place in the heart of their territory. He meant well, but the situation was bloody inconvenient. I can now barely go a block without having to curl up in some corner again. 

It's while I'm laying underneath a dumpster that I realize why Jack sent me where he did. The Skray won't be looking for me in their territory. They'll assume that I would be trying to get as far from it as possible. By alerting them to where I was at the market, Jack saved me a lot of hassle by drawing them out. Soon, the Skray will be everywhere but in their territory and the streets will be clear enough for me to get to the shed.

I wait under the dumpster until the streets are quiet, then I wiggle out from underneath and sprint the last few blocks to the shed. I have the key ready by the time I get there and swiftly unlock the door.

The End

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