The package pt 2Mature

 There's a certain balance to what I do. There are certain lines I don't cross. At least that what I tell myself. Now a days however the line between good and bad , right and wrong are not so clear. Those lines are getting smaller and the grey is getting wider. The world I live in is getting greyer. Sometimes I wonder if what I am doing is right? How do I know that I am not just not some scumbags like the gangs I fight. What is the difference between the code I follow and the code they follow ? These might seem like silly question to ask especially for a  vigilante like me . I believe that these are the questions that keep me sane.

    I lay the food underneath a box in a side allay on Market street where some of the local kids play. This is a the best place since it is likely that one of the neighborhood kids will find it before anyone else does . The gangs take little effort to look for food that might be hidden and most of the lowlife are  too strung out on one type of addiction or another to do anything other than to beg . I am hungry. I can hear my belly rumble but I can not find the will to eat , not even the feast I have been given. I dont even know if I will be alive when the sun comes up tomorrow . I guess I feel like the food will be better served to one of the families that live around here.

     My mind quickly returned to the stash of supplies stashed in the shed. Weapons would be nice. Ammo would be nicer. I guess it would be no big surprise that ammo is not one of the things that the government drops. There are of course other ways to get weapons and ammo but its very costly. Weapons are actually fairly to get however the bullets are harder to get. Still it no surprise that the gangs especially the Skay have almost an endless amount.

    There was something more that I wanted. Something that would give me the upper hand. I do not know what it might be nr could I really imagine what I needed I just knew that the best chance of getting it would be at the shack.

     Getting to the shack was a problem in itself. Few people drove. This was  because of another well thought out law by the president and the government, It was suppose to detour crime. The less the resident could travel the less crime could spread from one community to another here in our little haven. It is no surprise however , that they gang leaders and the criminal have the money and the connection to actually get a permit to drive.

The End

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