The PackageMature

Jack's package weighed heavily on my mind as I slipped through the market district. The Skrays were on full alert swarming the area, obviously tipped off by someone on the street. Under a nearby bridge, I untie the cloth satchel revealing a handful of grain,flour,and a couple morsels of an unidentified meat. Below that, a small piece of paper folded around a key lay hidden. Opening the note I read it to myself.

'This key opens the old shack on Wataford Road. Has some supplies you may find useful. Be careful though , Skrays patrol the area. Go with God.'

The old slag was sly in his old age, but why? All the times I have  visited him in the market he acted like he despised me. Could be fear of the Skrays or more Importantly Leonard.

Leonard would want his head, that's for certain. He signed his death wish by helping me.
I place the key in the bottom of the satchel below the food and tie up the package once more. The note I swallow. Can never be too careful. Before  continuing on my way I say a silent prayer for Jack, my friend.

The End

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