Populous ApocalypseMature

In the near future, a once bustling city is walled off from the rest and turned into a holding ground for the worst souls in America. In the year 2011, a nuclear plant meltdown changed the city of Poukines and condemned the citizens to pitiful existence. Those that stay either die, mutate, or survive. All cling to the dying memory of the past.
Gangs set up shop and ran the law out within several years. President declared the city a threat to America , declaring it a terrorist haven. Pouki

"Can you feel the rain? ", asked the blind man with a sliver of glee in his voice.

Hands palm up, the elderly gentleman stared up into darkness as streams of urine rained down from the bridge above. The urine soaked his grungy white t-shirt revealing his dark wrinkled skin underneath. The thugs above continue with their piss fully aware of what they were doing. I can't bring myself to tell the old guy the truth.

"It feels good Mr. , we needed it. Been too damn hot lately.", I reply patting him on the shoulder, not soaked by urine.

Sirens whine in the distance give the thugs a reason to run. They finish up and take off running. I keep walking down the alley trying to picture the way it was. The city is a shit hole now. Once a vibrant town, robust and bustling, now we choke on the layers of smog that envelop Poukines. The garbage piles stacked several feet in the air don't help either. People that could leave did so in the earlier days after the accident and others decided to stay for their own reasons. Gangs started passing though after the disaster and within years they ran the authorities away.

"Hostages in our own city!", I yell out but no one is around to hear or protest.

Years after the meltdown the president declared us a terrorist haven and condemned the town. He didn't want to help us so we are walled in and now a place to store the undesirables of the world. They do drop us some food and supplies but the gangs rule with iron fists and weapons and take most of it for themselves. I was born here,back before the blast, and I've seen the good and bad aspects of city living. Now though, it's just a filthy pit a useless crater in the barren earth.

I married Lizzy at the church on 1st street(don't go looking for it though cause it's demolished). Sat by my wife in the hospital as she gave birth to my son Corey. The hospital still stands but it's the headquarters for the Skrays gang. Leonard "Fat Man" Anderin, a blob of a man and biker escaped prison and ended up here. If I believed in God or the Devil he would be the evil red bastard. Anderin took to the city like flies on shit, and began to recruit followers. His flock took everything from me. Fat Man gave the orders,payback, for our skirmish in prison several years ago. They forced me to watch as my wife and son were beaten and raped and eventually cannibalized by Leonard and others. Once he was satisfied of my torture, he shot me twice. Once in the leg with his trust double barrel sawed-off shotgun "Bessy" and to finish me off a point-blank range shot to the head with a twenty-two pistol.

It's a miracle I survived, but I did. Awoke from two-year coma to the surprise of the few . I trained and rehabed my body all the while planning my next move. I've always been good with my hands , so I used my talents and skills and started making my arsenal and teaching myself combat techniques. The man I once was died with my wife and son. I'm an animal now committed on seeking revenge.

My life's work is to eradicate the filth from Poukines and protect the helpless citizens if I can. An army chopper hovers above town square and drops boxes of supplies. Looking up at the government good I clinch my fists and plead to ashen sky above,

"Fuck the President!, Fuck Fat Man!, and Fuck the Skrays! Today begins the baptism of Poukines."

The End

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