Population Terminated


"You are Dead."

The words echoed in my brain as if they were an Ipod on an endless loop. This was torturous, of course I wasn't Dead! I mean, if I was how would I be thinking this?

"You are Dead."

The blank monotone repeated, making a shiver run up my spine and my hands bunch into fists as a defensive reflex. No. 

"You're lying," I squeaked, trying to stay relaxed and calm to prevent myself from hyperventilating. 

"You must Accept it, young one, if You wish to make the choice."

I sighed inwardly, searching through my thoughts and memories to see if I could remember  . . . well, dying. Images of my life flashed before my eyes and I placed my full focus on searching my past, my eyes closed and I began to breath slower . . .  slower . . . . 

"I'm Dead?" I whimpered, unclenching my fists and revealing short but deep marks in my palm from where my nails had been held to tightly in shock and stress. I knew it now, I guess after witnessing that you just had to believe. "What's the choice." I asked, my voice no longer high pitched nor wobbly. 

"You can move on to a paradise, a place where pain does not exist and you will live in bliss, or, you can watch the one you love."

Zac! His name fluttered through my mind like a breath of fresh air, I knew what I had to do. But then I had no Idea the journey ahead of me. "I want to watch over Zac." 

And then my whole future shifted into something you could never imagine.

The End

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