Chapter One: The New GirlMature

The bathroom, the common place that the Hispanic gossip girl Kassandra Felix likes hanging out at, along with her photographer friend Jessica Smith. Kassandra and Jessica have a web show called "The Scoop!," where the two talk about what happens in school, sometimes Kathryn Gordon, the nerdy fashionista with wavy red hair has to fill in for Kassandra while she hangs out with her boyfriend, Diego Ramirez. And the common place where Jordan hangs out at, eating more than two servings of breakfast. She's basically the only person that Kassandra has in her videos, until there's beef and then she changes the subject.

Kassandra and Jessica are putting on makeup, basically to express their obviously fashionista selves. Jessica is talking about how much she has a crush on Hayden Griffith. "So he's all like, 'no you are,' and I'm like, 'no you are,' and he says, 'I kinda am." She twirls one of her curls while spraying her hair with her Tresemme spray. Kassandra looks at her reflection in the mirror, then she takes the ends of her hair and says awkwardly, "I am pretty?"

"You really are." Jessica said, fingering her lips. While they're just finishing applying more foundation, Jordan walks in without warning and slams the stall door. Startled, the girls jump. Then that sound of poop falling into the toilet makes them even more disturbed. "Jordan...?" Kassandra asks, highly grossed out. "Are you okay?"

"MY ASS IS CRYING!" Jordan yelled as she was holding her stomach. She had taken a laxative this morning before coming to school. And right now, she's angry because she didn't eat anything. Jessica then asked out of the blue, "So you're not okay?"

"NO!" Jordan shrieked as more of her liquid poop came out. "OH, it feels like got damn water is coming out my got damn butt hole!" Kassandra puked in her mouth. Jessica raised an eyebrow. "Except that it's brown, right?" She asked. Jordan replied, " my skin." When she was done, she let out a long sigh of relief, flushed the toilet and left the bathroom.

When Jordan left, a petite girl with long brown hair with a blue streak walked in and went by to wash her hands. Kassandra was caught off guard, looking completely sick almost. "Excuse me?" She asked, her voice sounding nasal. Jessica frowned. "Hello?" She asked. The brunette girl looked up at them and said, "Y-Yes?"

"Who the fuck are you?" Kassandra asked, glaring at her. The smell of poop was still running up her nose, making her eyes water. The girl raised an eyebrow. "I-I'm B-Brooke, I'm new." She said, her face squinting due to the smell of poop. Kassandra was starting to hate these new people coming in from all these different schools.

"Since when did fucking losers have to come into OUR goddamn school just because it's big! HUH?" Kassandra asked cynically, her strange actions causing her friend to look at her weirdly. Brooke's eyes watered as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Jessica said, "Because their school obviously shut down due to the disease spreading." That made Kassandra even angrier.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" She screamed. "How the fuck does that ring a bell!? WE DON'T NEED THEIR GOT DAMN DISEASE!" Jessica held up her hands in surrender as she began to pack up her makeup supplies. A tear ran down Brooke's face as the two girls left the bathroom.

In the lunchroom, Jordan enjoys a large chicken biscuit with a side of Coke. She isn't fat, just likes to eat food. Not just any food though, don't give her school food, she'll just throw it away. After finishing the biscuit, she is officially full and decides to bring her soda to homeroom. After she took a seat in the back behind Adam, Kassandra and Jessica walked in and took a seat at the mid row.

When Brooke showed a few minutes later, Jordan spat out her drink. "WHAT THE HELL!?" She cried. "Is that a fucking gremlin!?" Brooke shook her head. "No, I-I'm only four foot nine." She stuttered. Jordan then said, "Whatever, just don't feed that fucking thing at midnight." Brooke sat down in the only seat was up front. Kassandra and Jessica laughed at what Jordan said. (Okay whoever plays Adam has to remind Jordan that what she said was rude.)

The End

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