Choose your role wisely, a person can choose up to one-three roles. I will be judging of who does good or bad. Those of you who think this is fun and games, IT'S NOT. Try to be more considerate of the fact that I need detail, not just a sentence or two--A PARAGRAPH. I'm not joking, and if you don't respect my wishes, I have writer's block and I can easily just cuss you out. Well I won't do that, just be considerate. If I like your writing style, I will give credit, but I will never give credit t

This will be my last time ever doing a collaborative story ever again so be considerate to the fact that I have writer's block. I am honestly fed up with people not understanding how much help I need. I can't have a large got damn number of people in my story and try to write...that's hard. If you think I'm being harsh, don't come here. Just don't think about it. Just know that I will be giving credit to what I like. Those of you who think this is just fun and games, and then post your crappy stuff here will NOT get any credit from me whatsoever. 

If you're confused on how the story is supposed to follow on, I will kindly guide you through. You can choose a role that you're comfortable with, or as many as you want, because I'm playing eight characters, four females and four males. Comment below and tell me who you're playing because I don't want to be confused myself--goodness! I can be nice, but don't make me lose patience with you. And don't comment unless you're interested. If not, BACK OFF! If I sound harsh, it's because I am stressed to the head with writer's block. 

You can pick your roles on that link I have down below. 

The End

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