Part One

Whoever lands on the role of Adam, must stick to whatever goes on.

Justin sends a text to Adam and Diego after school saying: Meet me at my place. Diego immediately gets the text and starts to head out of his house, Adam too. While Justin was waiting for the two to arrive, he reached over and grabbed the pills he had from yesterday. He was lucky his parents weren't home, if they found out about him having sleeping pills in his room they'd think he's suicidal, and he is way too cool to be suicidal. His body stiffened as he trudged downstairs to the kitchen.

Once he'd made it into the kitchen, he opened the cabinet and took out the small bowl and the thing meant for smashing pills properly. He then pulled come coke out of the refrigerator and set it down on the table. Letting out a heavy sigh, he began to pop open the pill bottle. His body began to heat up as he dumped them all into the bowl, then his left hand grew shaky as he picked up the stick.

Meanwhile, Diego was out running over to Justin's house. He was on the cross country team, so he'd probably be about three minutes earlier than Adam, who was getting dressed already. Justin was still in his kitchen, his pulse quickening while he was smashing the pills. Now Adam was out of the door, and Diego was at Justin's door. When he rang the doorbell, it startled Justin.

Justin brushed back his hair as he went to answer the door. Diego looked at him funny, as if he were just out of his mind right now. "Dude, you high?" He asked. Justin grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in. "Do I look high to you?" He asked back, frowning. Justin was a mess. His eyes were baggy, his skin was whiter than snow, and some of his hair was messy. Diego shook his head, as though he were lying.

"Okay, let's go." Justin said, walking back towards the kitchen. Diego slowly followed him, wondering what was wrong with him. Just then, the doorbell rang again. (Now, play as Adam, be descriptive or no credit for you)

The End

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