I'm Not Who You Think I Am

 Beinda hated being lied to. So she angry that the party already started! Belinda sat down at the bar ordering a coke. She took of her hat ready to go home .

  "Here's your drink ma'am." the bartender set her drink down in front of her. Belinda reached for her drink only to get it splashed in her face by some cocky jerk.

  "Opps.." the handsome blond said dumping the rest of the coke over Belinda's head. Belinda gave him a cold hard look, hadn't she seen him bullying the girl who had giving her the directions?

  "Don't mess with me boy. I'm not who you hink i am." Belinda said trying to control her angry. The boy just laugh making her more angry. In a fit of rage Belinda grabbed her cell phone and threw at. Stomping of mad Belinda decided allguys are jerks.

The End

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