It Was All A Beautiful Blond Blur To Me

  one minute i was talking to these two beuatiful twins and the next something hits me hard in my head and i see stars. when i open my eyes again i swear i think i'm in heaven cause theres this angel looking down at me, even though i can hardly see i can tell she's beautiful.....

  "angel....." the words came horase from my dry lips. she giggles but shook her blond head.

 "sorry your still on earth you just checked out for awhile!" her voice was so soft and sweet like honey....

 "whats your name?" i asked not wanting the momment to end with my angel, knowing this may  be the last time i'll get to see her. i squinted, trying to get a better image of her than just a blond blur. 

 "shh..." she stroked my hair, her hands lightly racking the thick red curls that i know will be there. i reach for her but she bats my hand away playful. putting her fingers to her lips, moving closer and closer to me, our lips almost touching , i thick my dry lips trying to moisterize them a little. she places her lips softly against mind, its so soft i can't even feel it, like a butterfly's light touch, and just as it has just begun she pulls back. my angel is leaving running away leaving me filled with wanting and questions.

   slowly i get to my knee's, my hand touching the growing bump on the back of my head still wondering what had hit me so hard? and what kind of  mean person would hit me?

  "Luke! man are you ok?" called my friend grey

  "yeah....just a bump.." i wince at the growing pain on the back of my skull.

  "so..who was the cute girl?" he asked wagging his eyebrows wanting to know details.

  " was all just a beautiful blond blur to me...." i reply not wanting to give any more information about my angel.

  "really? so whats that on your arm?" he asks point to my right forearm.

 i look down at the pale flesh and  my lips curl into a grin. in purple lipstick writing in bubble letters is the number of my angel , how ironic her name is also angel?

    something glitters in the sunlight , i bend over picking up a set of house keys and see a girl walking hurriedly away she's crying , i walk over her wondering if  the  cry keys belong to her.

  " hey you dropped your keys!" i hand her the keys getting a quick look at her face , green  puffy eyes , and a tragic beautiful face. i would of asked her if she was ok but i was in a rush to find a phone and call angel. so without looking back at the crying girl i ran into the house looking for a phone.

The End

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