Thank God I Run Fast

        my hands grabbed the runaway ball before it could fall into the cold waters of the pool , i tossed it lightly in the air , admiring how the sun reflected off the colorful ball. i looked around wondering who it belonged to, shrugging my brown shoulder i wedged the ball under my arm and walked off looking for Cloud.  she was the one who begged me to go with her , waking me up during my beauty sleep to go to some stupid party , but knowing me i cracked when she brought out the tears. so here i am in all my divine glory....

        today i was looking my best spending hours on my looks. my outfit was usual based on my favorite color. can you guess? if you said black your correct, you want a cookie? sadly  i'm not wearing my favorite color today, boys and girls todays color is red and white.

     i was rocking  a pair of red wedge sandle , that matched my swimsuit a cute little white bikkin that had red stripes on the sides , it clinged to my tonned body and made my brown skin pop. ( not to mention make the boobs look WAY bigger!) my long hip length black curls wear did in a cute side ponytail with red highlights, slung over my shoulders was a red leather purse that held all the things i needed. (never go anywhere with out one ladies!) dark gucci sunglass rested on my perfect nose  hiding violet eyes. my red lips where formed into a perfect a cute poute  last but not least a red towel was tied around my waist. if you put all this together you get  beautiful , cute , sexy as hell me!  Storm L. demon!

    sounds  conceded doesn't? i perfer to call it self- admiration. now...where was my twin ,cloud? i looked around wondering where she could be. with the beach ball under my arms i walked around looking for her, and i must say i caught alot of eyes from both sexs! it took me a couple of minutes to  see that i wasn't going to find her on my own....

     again i looked around my eyes stopped on a yummy guy with a baseball cap just  with another yummy boy. i watched the first one careefully there was tons of sunscreen on his neck and nose , surprisingly  it didn't make him look half bad. why not ask them? i rolled back my shoulder and with a sway of my curvy hips i walked over to them.

    " hey!" i called.

     both guys turned to look  at me and there eyes nearly poped out of there heads when they saw me .  it made me wonder if there was something on my face. what they never seen a girl in a bikkin before?  i cleared my thorat.

    "have your seen my twin?" i asked politelt

    the dark haired boy smiles nudging the other one "is she as half as sexy as you?" he said giving me a flirty wink.

 god i hate when guys try to flirt with me cause it not a turn on. you want to date me? take me to the drive thru and a movie and i will be happy!!! i already  knew that this guy wasn't wroth my time. pissed i walked away just in time to see a girl with a black bob walking past., with  drinks in her hand.


   i watched as she walked a good couple of  feet away till my mind restarted again ,crap!  running after her i couldn't help thinking thank god i run fast! yup! this  diva is on the track team! i yelled her name a couple times , put she didn't respond. ok..this is ending now! i pumped my legs harder till i caught up to her.

  " cloud!"  i yelled at the back of her head.

   the girl turned but it wasn't cloud , she was nothing like my twin. it was just a plain jane with the same hair cut as my sister. in disgusted i handed her the beach ball not caring anymore. taking a seat at the bar i plumped down, and who do you know was there?

   "storm? you made it great!" cloud's soft raspy voice called from beside me, i turned to look at the girl who shared the same face as me, but was so different like day and night. she was wearing the same thing as me just the colors where reversed , her sunglasses resting on her head showing startling voilet eyes that had a strange sliver shine to it , the only difference was that her black her hair was cut shoulder length and a shaggy bang covered  over her left eye.

  my red lips split into a face spliting grin and i playfully punched her shoulder asking where she had been? she explained how she had been watching the host saying how she was such a stiff! i laughed at the right moments. 

      this was us. Cloud and Storm , Storm and Cloud you will never find one with out the other. where the center of the party ,we are the people you want to be, take a picture cause it will last longer sweet heart! 

    sitting back i let Cloud's words soothe me as the heavy base of the music vibrate through me , enjoying the party.  


The End

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