Chapter 1 : A pictuere is worth a thousond words

A storm of rages through the cold Russian front turning the soft soil of the land into concrete. Bombs echo and gunshots ring out, the sound of tank cannons thunder and soldiers yelling fill the air with a scents of energy. The thick smell of blood and fire waft in the wind carrying on from battlefield to battlefield fueling more violence. Dark smoke blackens the Russian sky as a raging fire consumes a village in the distance. A small unit of Nazi soldiers stand guard over a line of men digging a trench as they sets up a campground a few yards from the battle. Just a few feet away two SS Officers standing near a small fire pit laughing and drinking carry on a conversation. 
(Karol) I'm telling you these Russian woman are nothing but gypsies, they will do anything to make sure the Jews spread into Germany that way they are financially set after the war. My cousin has written me a letter from home telling me about, he said the Jewish man who owned the bank in Saar was helping communist buy bombs, imagine that.. bombs! 
This war was unavoidable i'm telling you, weather now or a year from now.. cigarette.. thank you. 
They should be thanking us not fighting us, these Jews should consider themself lucky we are the ones killing them. 
Stalin would have let them freeze to death out hear, really we are helping them you know. 
A feet away a young boy digging accidentally brakes his shovel on the hard ground getting the attention of Karol. 
(Seigfried) Warner!.. have your men take the Jews and dig more out in that direction the damn shovels keep braking on the ground over hear.. sorry you were saying? 
Karol points and shouts at the boy dinging part of the trench. 
(Karol) You boy, come hear now!, what's your name? 
(Boy) My name Gro... 
(Karol) No stop!, it doesn't matter. Tell me, would you rather be shot or would you rather  freeze to death? Go ahead speak freely i give you permission. 
The boy removes his hat standing in attention, in a frighten voice he answers.
(Boy) Neither sir. 
Seigfried laughs out loud patting Karol on the shoulder coughing up some from his cigarette. 
(Seigfried) He got you with that one. 
A look of absolute disgust shapes Karol's face, the mode turns from fun to serious for Karol as he stairs into the boy's eyes in silents. 
(Karol) You see that's the problem with the Jewish state of mind., i give you two options  and you don't take either because you want more. 
That's the quintessential Jew for you.. always wanting more. Tell me boy do you know why we are doing this to you?, go on spit it out answer me!  
Karol slaps the boy in the back of the head grasping the boys jacket and begins shaking him  violently, crying the boy answers sobbingly. 
(Boy) No sir.. i.. i don't. 
(Karol) Because if even one of you subspecies is granted a small space where you are allowed to survive, you have an unwelcome way of taking that inch and turning it into mile, like i said.. always wanting more. 
In a quit tone the boy nervously mumbles. 
(Boy) I'm sorry sir didn't mean to upset you. 
(Karol) Upset, do i look upset to you? 
A few seconds of silents linger between the both of them. Karol takes a long drag of his cigarette then signals one of his men over to him. 
(Karol) I want you to shoot this Jew. 
(Soldier) Right hear sir? 
(Karol) Of course right hear. 
The soldier cocks his riffle back taking aim at the boys chest, just before firing Karol yells at the soldier. 
(Karol) No stop!, not hear take him by the trench, i don't want to get blood on my boots. 
The soldier grabs the boy by the collar marching him to the edge of the trench. Karol turns away from the boy and continues talking to Seigfried, In the background three loud pop's rings out, a few seconds later the soldier walks pass Karol with bloods splattered on the front of his shirt.
A large truck pulls into the campground, a grope of infantry soldiers exit the back of the truck, they begin walking into the camp and rummaging through the food laying around on the crates. 
(Seigfried) Great.. just what we need more mouths to feed. 
A familiar voice calls out to Karol from the truck, the passenger door opens and young man in a SS uniform steps out. In a joyful tone Karol salutes him then welcomes his friend. 
(Karol) Wilhelm! is that you? 
(Wilhelm) Heil Hitler, i'm afraid it is, how long has it been my friend? 
(Karol) To long.. it's good to see you. 
The two men embrace in a quick hug patting each other on the back. 
(Karol) Oh forgive me were are my manners, SS-Oberführer Seigfried this is a very good friend of mine SS-Oberscharführer Wilhelm Gearhartz. 
With a friendly smile Wilhelm taps Karol on the chest correcting him. 
(Wilhelm) Actually it's SS-Hauptscharführer now, i've been promoted platoon leader of my division. 
(Karol) What.. well look at you, making friends in all the right places huh. 
(Wilhelm) I think we both know it's was my father who made friends in all the right places. 
(Seigfried) You look a bit young to be platoon commander, how old are you? 
(Wilhelm) Nineteen. 
Seigfried pulls the the cigarette from his lips laughing as he dose so. 
(Seigfried) Nineteen!, i have shoes older then you. In all my years of service i have never heard of a young person holding such a portuguese title in the military. 
Help me understand what i'm missing hear, is your father someone of importance? 
With a smug tone in his voice and a pep in his step Wilhelm answered.  
(Wilhelm) You can say that, my father is Godfrey Gearhartz. 
A look of shock hit Seigfried's face. 
(Seigfried) So your title is mostly for show is it not? 
(Wilhelm).. I like to think i've earned my rank sir. 
(Seigfried) Your battlestipes look new, have you seen much battle? 
(Wilhelm) Some sir.. but not much. 
With a serious tone and his piercing eyes Seigfried lights up another cigarette taking a slow drag of it as Wilhelm's smile slowly starts to fade from his face. 
 (Seigfried) I see.. Tell me Hauptschafuhre.. have you ever killed a Jew before? 
(Wilhelm) No sir. 
(Seigfried) You haven't seen much battle, you have never killed a Jew before. 
So your promotion was just a courtesy by the senior staff officers as a result of you riding the coattails of your fathers accomplishments?
Am i wrong in assuming that you are hear to get me and my men killed by your vast inexperience? Answer me soldier Commander! 
(Wilhelm) I.. uh.. i don..  
A minute go's by before Seigfried and Karol burst into laughter, Karol using his hand to continuously tap Wilhelm on the back as he laughs. Seigfried slaping his knee puts his hand on Wilhelms shoulder. 
 (Seigfried) I'm just having a bit of fun with you that's all.. just a bit of fun. 
(Karol) I'm sorry Wilhelm i have to admit we knew you were assigned hear so we planed this little interrogation before you got hear. 
In a much welcomed relief Wilhelm respond. 
(Wilhelm) You dog!, i should have you shot.  
(Seigfried) In all seriousness your father was a great man, only second to Goebbls in propaganda. 
Karol weighs in his opinion lighting up another cigarette as he dose so. 
(Karol) Some would say better. 
(Seigfried) You know i had the privilege of hearing your father speak once at a lecturer he gave in Hamburg before the War. He was such a great speaker.. even when talking about Jewish equality. I was happy to hear he changed his views on the subject. 
A battle torn soldier approaches Seigfried handing him a map. 
(Soldier) Heil Hitler! 
(Seigfried) Heil Hitler. 
(Soldier) Sir i'm hear to inform you the Russian army is approaching from the west with a sizeable second division, i've marked it on the map for you. 
(Karol) It appears the time is apon us, what are your orders sir?
(Seigfried) How big of a division, how long do we have? 
(Soldier) Hour at the most, maybe a unit of thirty or forty men, nothing we can't handle sir. 
(Seigfried) Wilhelm you and your men are fresh, i want you to take your battalion and take  the rest of the village. My men have taken care of most of the people there so it shouldn't take you long. Once finished set up a eastern defence, i'm going to move our camp inward. But before anything we need to finish our duty hear. 
Karol, you and your men have the Jews finish digging these trenches, then start filling them.. Wilhelm you assist Karol. 


The picture on the television tortured William's mind forcing him to relive a dark moment  of his past sins. William falls to his knees grabbing an ash try from the coffee table harrells it at the Tv. screen shattering the  glass scattering peaces everywhere. Ben runs over to his father picking him up off the ground and helping him sit on the coach. 
(Ben) Are you okay!, what's going on why did you do that? 
In a graveled and raspy voice William instructs Ben to go into his closet and bring him a large chest. 
Ben runs into the room opening up the closet pulling out an old chest brown, he drags the  into the dining room, unlocking it and flipping the lid back. 
On top a pile was a old leather trench coat hiding what was underneath.
William grasps the coat tossing it onto the floor, Ben's eye's widen looking into the chest  pulling out a fist full of old photos then spreading them out on the coffee table. 
In every photograph William proudly poses in his Nazi uniform many of the photos are of him and his friends in Germany during the war.
(Ben) I don't understand.. Grandma always said you were a Marine.
She said you fought in Japan, that you never even seen Germany during the war. 
In that moment a look of both realization and betrayal befell Ben's face. 
(Ben) This is why you chose to live out hear on your own isn't it, because your ashamed of what you did. Because of who you are and the things you've done. 
Puzzled and in a bit of a daze Ben sits next to William. 
(Ben) Why choose to tell me like this, i don't understand why chooses to tell me at all?
You could have taken this secret with you to your grave.
William placed his hands over Ben's gripping them tightly. 
(William) There are some things that should never remain a secret. 
My whole life i have been false, living the worst lie a man can bare and it has broken me.
I have carried so much secrets.. i'm tired of it.. all of it. 
(Ben) I don't understand did you want me to find out this way, did you ship that tape to yourself is that what you did? 
(William) No.. no.
William wipes the tears streaming down his face. 
(William) I never wanted you to find out this way it was my intention to tell you on my death bed.  
Ben responded in an outburst.
(Ben) You can't just tell someone something like this on your death bed!.. Oh hey Ben by the way just in case you were wondering yeah i was a Nazi! It doesn't work that way okay!..  besides i don't understand how could you even have been a Nazi your wife and son are  Jewish! I mean.. i mean what if you had died yesterday or something?
Then what.. i wouldn't have known? 
Jesus, William you can't just do that to a person and hope they understand. 
Ben grabs one of the photos flipping it around reading the name in the back. 
Or is it Wilhelm? 
William places his hand on Ben's back trying to calm him down.
(William) Please.. just let me talk Ben.. please. 
William begins coughing harshly hacking up blood from his mouth, Ben grabs a tissue and wiping the blood from William's face. 
(Ben) I'm sorry.. i just need to know.
Help me understand.. help me understand Grandpa.
(William) I don't know where i should start from? 
(Ben) Start from the beginning. 
William places his fingers tips on one particular photo sliding it in the middle of all the others, he points to a man Standing next to him.  

(William) This is Adlof Eichmann.. this man along with my father opened a up a whole new  world to me.. one that i have been running from ever scents.. one that has no escape.

The End

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