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Polysemy is the coexistence of many possible meanings for a single word or phrase. I am using this as a why to also describe my characters point of view and state of mind. Because there are subjects involving anti semitism, racism and killing in the name of national duty it is understandably easy to cast a evil light on some of these people, but i fill that no one person is a bad guy in there own eye's. No matter how twisted a persons logic is, it's important (for me) to understand how the they

1998 September, 2
San Francisco

The morning air was crisp and the wind breezing along the ground scatter leaves about a long orchard road. An old delivery truck slowly making it's way up a hill top coming to a stop on the incline of the hill. The old man driving opens his door and walks to the front of the truck, he pops the hood and begins fiddling with the engine periodically stopping to wipe his oily hands on a rag. He slams the hood shut making his way to the side of the road, leaning down near a bunch of scattered oranges he picks one up from off the ground and rubs it against his sleeve pulling out a knife from his pocket and begins slicing into it pilling the orange in a circular manner leaving a coiled orange peel on the ground.
Just before getting back into his truck the sound of a roaring engine coming up the other side of the hill in his direction frightens the birds in a near by tree causing them to take flight as flash of red whips by him. The man stands up watching a red mustang jetting past him heading around the winding curves of the road speeding off in the distance.
The mustang come to a stop at a giant gate, a man in the car reaches out the window and slides a card into a slot opening the gate and continues forward. Up on a hill top in the distance just passed a small lake was a sizable building hidden behind the many Oak and Orange trees. As the mustang pulled into the parking lot a very well dressed man holding a package was waiting by the north wing entrance of the building for the man in the car.
The man exits his car walks around to the other side opens the passenger door and pulls out a cake, Happy 75th Birthday William! is written across it. 
(Mr. Reno) Good morning Mr. Coen, i'm happy to say the package you order arrived just before you got hear.
The man shrugs his shoulders and grins looking at the package in a strange manner.
(Ben) It's bigger then i thought it be for a plaque anyways, so how is he doing this morning?
(Mr. Reno) As good as expected sir, i've rolled him down next to the lake as you requested.(Ben) Thank you Reno, can you please take the cake to the waiting room for me we'll be there in a little while.
(Mr. Reno) And the package Sir?
(Ben) Oh yes,  just place it on the coffee table in his room. 
(Mr. Reno) It will be done.
(Ben) Thank you Reno that i"ll be all.
After handing Reno the cake Ben slowly made his way down a narrow cobble stone path on the side of a hill top that leads to the lake. He rounded the side of the hill stopping to look on at his Grandfather sitting underneath a giant weeping willow tree watching the sun rise. The light reflecting off the clear water glisten brightly, a flock of birds swarm down gliding just above the water but close enough to send many tiny ripples through it. Ben moves his way behind the wheelchair placing his hand upon his Grandfathers shoulder. He leans over to face his Grandfather with a sly smile on his face.
(Ben) The sun also rises... Happy Birthday Old Man.
His Grandfather just sat there in a catatonic state saying nothing making no sing of acknowledgement towards Ben.
(Ben) How are you doing this morning... nothing today huh, well that's okay.
Ben reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small faded brown box and opens it. 
From the box he pulls out two cufflinks, they are shaped like Edelweiss flowers, pink diamond with gold trim.
(Ben) I wanted to give you this before the party, i found these packed away with Grandma's... well you know.
A look of sadness falls upon Ben's face for  a brief moment, he quickly snaps back into a cheerful mood clapping his hands together very loudly.
(Ben) So!, shall we go dazzle them huh!
Two hours fly by as all the patients and staff of the retirement home celebrate William's birthday, the party carried on as William sat at a window looking out at the giant tree by the lake emotionless and uncaring.
After the party festivities had ended the afternoon crept up faster then anyone anticipated. The staff cleaned up after the party, the familiar faces and the new faces alike went on there way and about there own day. Ben pushes William through a giant set of double doors and the two make there way down a long corridor leading into the west wing of the building.
There the entire section of the building is owned by William. It is dark and cramped with all of the windows boarded up making it so no sunlight can seep through into the hallways. Loud hammering echos down the hallway as a staff member nails up the last of the boards. Understandingly frustrated Ben mumbles to himself and William as his makes his way to the man nailing away at board.
(Ben) Not again... Grampa what did i tell you about this, hey Kenneth hold on wait a minute will you, what's happening now?
Equally frustrated the man looks at Ben nodding his head greeting him then wipes the sweat from his forehead. 
(Kenneth) What do you think Ben, Mr. Coen ordered the staff to board up his windows again.
Ben looked at his Grandfather with a disappointed face. 
(Ben) Did he... so your just not talking to me is that it?
Come on Kenneth we talked about this remember, anytime he asks you to do this just ignore it or call me.
The man steps down from off a latter placing the hammer down by a toolbox, he smirks and rubs the back of his head.  
(Kenneth) Look Ben I just work hear it's Mr. Coen's property, so when he says board up windows or paint the windows or tells all the staff to go home for the day we do it.
(Ben) I didn't think he was getting  any worse, when did he ask you to do this?
(Kenneth) Five o' clock this morning.
(Ben) Okay... well just leave it and i'll take take the rest down.
(Kenneth) Are you sure sir, i can get started taking them down now no problem. 
(Ben) No it's okay really i got it, can you please take my grampa to his room i need to talk with Neil do you know if he's in the office. 
(Kenneth) Yes sir i belief he is, hey Ben... i'm really sorry your right i should have called you.
(Ben) Don't worry about it Kenneth really, hey there's cake in the lobby if you want some.

Ben makes his way to the office of the building manager knocking loudly on the door.
A few seconds pass before a loud voice shouts for Ben to enter the room, a sharp dressed man with slick hair sits behind a sizable desk flipping through a stack of paperwork. 
In a passive voice the man welcomes Ben.
(Neil) Good Morning Benjarmin have a seat, what can i do for you today. 
(Ben) Neil i asked you to call me if my Grandfather's request got any worse or stranger.
(Neil) Yes i do recall you saying that but they haven't... not yet.
(Ben) He had Kenneth boarding up his windows again.
(Neil) Again.. this behavior is frequent for William so there is no signs of him getting any worse.
(Ben) Look Neil.. i need you to...
(Neil) I completely understand Ben won't happen again.
Neil quickly dismisses Ben's concerns changing the issue of the conversation.
(Neil) Before you go i am happy you dropped by, i wanted to talk to you this morning.
Are you ready to discuss what i asked you last time you were hear?
(Ben) And what might that be?
(Neil) Oh, Don't be coy with me Benjarmin... you know damn well what i mean.
Every month a significant amount of money is funneled through a series of banks and payment of the west wing is made in William's behalf.
Full disclosure Mr. Coen, we agreed upon that when you first brought your Grandfather hear.
I'm sure i don't have to remind you wherever the money is coming from it isn't exactly within the law.
(Ben) First off you are paid for your discretion Neil let's get that straight right off the bat, and I've already told you i don't know were the money is coming from.
You agreed to that limited information when when i first came to you, now if you'll excuse me i have to get back to my grandfather. 
Ben closes the door softly and attempts regains his composure taking a few deep breaths. 
A voice from at the end of the room calls for Ben.
(Reno) Mr. Coen.. there is a phone call for you, it seems to be... 
(Ben) Not right now Reno, just take a message for me and i'll take it later .
(Reno) Yes sir.

Ben returns to his grandfather's room, walks into the kitchen, boils a tea kettle and joins William in the living room.
He sits on the couch and reaches over to the coffee table taking the present and places it in front of William.
(Ben) Well i know it's not very much but i can't really think of to much you don't have Grampa so.. shall we open this up?
Ben pills back the wrapping opening up the box pulling out a VHS with a blank label.
A confused look shapes Ben's face as he flips the empty box over shaking it and flinging it over the back of his head. 
(Ben) I'm not sure what this is, had your name on the package so.. let's check it out.
Ben pushes the tape in the VCR, a static runs up the screen as numbers flash along side the top right corner of the television and a news anchor begins to speak.

(News Anchor) Good evening I'm Miranda Phisher tonight's lead in story.
It's been over fifty years scents Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist declared war and set into motion the mass extermination of German Jews in there death camps.
For those of our generation it seems like ancient history. 
But two kids in Czechoslovakia remind us how close to home Hitler's Germany really was.
Twelve year old Olinka Ales and nine year old Danek Ales were playing in there Grandparent's backyard late in the evening of November, twenty - eight when the two boys had disappeared. The children's guardians Jarmil and Jan Ales filed a police report the day of the disappearance outside Ostrava.
Little did the Grandparent's know there kid's had been playing soldier for the day just a few miles from there family farm.
It was a shocking surprise when the two boy's returned home wearing Nazi helmets and old uniforms.
Olinka and Danek had stumbled across a forgotten mine that was converted into a Nazi bunker hidden in the outskirts of Ostrava.
Police reported a surpluses of rifles, officer's uniforms, canned food, thirty one barrels some containing ashes of what seems to be concentration camp victims and twenty two million in Nazi gold.
Now obviously our station is unclear on what the family will be able to keep, and i'm sure more details will change about how much gold was found but the Ales family did manage to share one thing with our cameras.

Inside this forgotten chest are hundreds of hours of undeveloped film taken during the height of the Third Reich, many of these film canisters stamped with the iron eagle.
Among this chest also hundreds of colored photographs of high ranking Nazi officials including the likes of Martin Bormann, Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer and many others.
World war two historians are calling this the find of the century.

(Miranda) Now for Talking Points please welcome Professor Ronald Lambert author of the best seller Humanity a Redeeming Paradox and Nazi Germany A Sacrificial Lamb of America, on the opposing side esteemed world war two historian Linda Chase.
Now i want to start with you Linda, what can this discovery mean as far as better understanding the Nazis?
(Linda) Well there is just so much to unpack hear, first of all this location were the bunker was discovered wasn't known to any historians such as myself, that is unusual considering how thoroughly that area was examined after the war had ended that in it's self is an entire taking point for this panel. That aside i'm very interested in the exact contents of the footage. It can be anything from concentration camp footage to propaganda exploits, war room briefings or real time war footage. But i have to say it's such a treat to have some actual photographs hear to discuss.
(Miranda) Professor Lambert you can weigh in on the discussion when your ready. 
(Roland) I have to take issue with what Linda said, it wasn't uncommon for the Nazis to have safe zones infrastructure built underground in Czechoslovakia, especially during there occupation. They started converting bases there in March of nineteen thirty nine when they first invaded. 
(Linda) Yes but Ostrava was not a collective point for the Hitler to be sending the war effort because of it's lack of strategic defense during the end of war, the gold in that mine would had been on a train being shipped back to Burlin.
(Roland) Now Linda that's just not true, there were plenty of rallies held there during the occupation, and officers assigned there would have been taking funds before loading any for transfer at the end of the war.
(Linda) A rally point is not a war zone.
(Miranda) Let me interrupt for a second hear, this is just one of hundreds of pictures that were in the chest.
Now this is truly grotesque, was this common for the soldiers to just be standing around in total ignorance well pictures were being taken? 
It seems as if they are completely blind to the carnage around them, these two soldier hear in the foreground are carrying on a conversation as if they were in a caffe and this one hear in the background is shining his shoes.
(Roland) This behavior was common for most soldiers during the war especially when it came to the execution of jewish civilians in Russia, take note the SS uniforms these soldiers hear standing by the trench are wearing. The date on the back of this particular photograph reads October 10th, 1941, now well the location in not written on the back the Nazis would have been well into Moscow by this point. 
(Miranda) Now i'm correct in assuming the line of men hear in the upper left are prisoners? 
(Linda) Yes that's correct, the Schutzstaffel or SS would make jewish prisoners dig there own graves before they were shot. This is very fascinating seeing these images in color the detail is gives it so many more levels. 

The tea kettle whistles braking the focus, Ben walks into the kitchen prepares two cups walking back into the living room he stops forcefully spilling the hot tea on his hands dropping the cups to the floor.
William standing in front of the tv. slowly places his hand over his mouth as his eye's swell up with tears.
Through William's eye's the people in the photograph begin to move and talk, the sounds and smells of the shovels hitting the dirt, the the soldiers laughing and guns firing come to life.
In that moment witch seem to last a lifetime to William he only managed to speak these words.

(Walter) ... My shame.. my god.

The End

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