Chapter 3, The Average man and What is beyond the hill

Chapter 3


Reginald and Geoffrey walked up the hill to the council, that was where all of the polyester bears met up and discussed. The leaders had a cave over the hill, there were six main leaders of the polyester bears. Reginald was not a big fan of the council, he thought they were stuck up. They crossed the hill, at the base was a circle of bears there waiting. He looked at them to see who was there, he recognized all of them, there were less than usual. He didn't see the aqua bear, Luq. Reginald liked Luq he had a funny accent and always told the best stories.

“Ah, Reginald, it is about time you arrived” said the leader, he had a light blue fur color, it wasn't quite as aqua as Luq's fur was. The leader Jean was a very uptight leader, he was strict with protocol and never did anything interesting. Jean was in short, a cramp in Reginald's style.

“What is it?” asked Reginald in a gruff voice, he hated missing his naps.

“There is an issue of grave importance Reginald” said Jean, he never told everything at once, he enjoyed making people wait.

Reginald walked closer to the circle, he noticed the faces of the bears reflected off of the fire in the middle, the had solemn looks on all of their faces, he moved slower after he saw this, he could feel that something was very wrong here. All of the polyester bears were avoiding eye contact and staring away.

“There is terrible news I have to share with you my friend” said Jean in a calm even tone, Reginald could tell that Jean was having a hard time telling this, “Maria-Louis, we found her” Jean paused and swallowed hard.

“She was skinned by poachers”said one of the other leaders, the yellow bear Liza, “We found her this morning not far from here” she added.

Reginald broke eye contact, Maria-Louis had been one of his friends, not particularly close , but she had always been nice to him. Reginald liked that pink bear, she was friendly to everyone, she was Geoffrey's cousin. He turned to face Geoffrey, he was looking away, Reginald walked over and nudged him on the shoulder to show him that he was there for him.

The group stood silently, they had lost one of their own. The pack had been losing polyester bears for a while, there were fewer than 15 of them now, if they didn't act soon they would be extinct. The worry had been hanging over them for some time, but it wasn't until Maria-Louis had been murdered that the worry became real.


The average looking man walked off of the plane, he wore clothing that was slightly inappropriate for the current weather. He shivered and walked to the airport. It was a rather small airport, he shrugged it off and walked in, the inside looked modern enough. He walked over to the main desk. All in all he was a very average man in every way, his height was average, he had dark hair and dark eyes, and his height to weight ratio was average. There was nothing about this man that stood out. He stopped in front of the desk and dinged the little bell. A tall man walked over to the desk.

“Yes sir?” asked the man, he had olive skin and was very tall.

“I was wondering if I could get directions to this hotel” said the average man, he lifted up a paper that had something written on it, it was not written in English though.

“Ah, Frobisher inn, it's not too far from here, you should get someone that can write better. I'll just go grab a map” said the tall man he walked behind the counter.

The average man looked at the paper again and focused in really hard, he eventually saw Frobisher inn spelled out on the paper. He sighed and shook his head. The tall man walked back out with the map and unfolded it. He showed the average man the way there, the average man rented an average car and drove towards the average hotel. It was becoming an average day, like nearly every single one in his life.

This is where the average man's life turns upside down. The average man's car stopped dead. He smacked the steering wheel and climbed out of the car with his map in hand. He looked around, there weren't any signs and the snow had started to fall, his tracks were covered. The average man sighed, he was lost in a city he knew nothing about. The wind started to pick up, the map blew out of his hands and over a snow bank, he sighed again and climbed up the bank. It wasn't too tall, he thought to himself, if I get over it should be right there. He reached the top and rolled down the other side, he was covered in snow and he wasn't wearing anything appropriate for the situation. He tried to stand but he was stuck.

He listened to the world around him, he tried to shout, he shouted for help in every language he knew which wasn't very many. The average man was going to die if nothing saved him. He began to feel very warm and sleepy, he took a nap not knowing that it could be his last.



The average man woke feeling very warm but also very damp, he looked up he was inside someplace and there was a fire burning. He looked around, he was laying on a very old hideous sofa, it had a pattern of flowers like something you would see in your grandmother's house. The average man was too tired to move he sighed.

“Oh, you're awake” said a gruff man's voice, “I wasn't sure you were going to make it being well covered in snow” the voice added.

The average man looked around to see where the voice was coming from, he saw a very blurry dark blue shape. The average man rubbed his eyes and shrieked. He fell off of the sofa and backed away on his hands until he hit the wall.

“What!?” shouted the man, he couldn't believe his eyes.

“What?” asked the bear, he looked at himself, “Oh, right bear” said Reginald.

“A talking bear?” shouted the man.

“Well pretty much yeah, my name is Reginald” said the bear he reached out to shake the average man's hand, the man backed away farther.

“You're a bear” said the man in a confused voice.

“Yes, a polyester bear to be specific” said Reginald in his gruff voice, he shined his knuckles on his chest.

“What?” he shook his head trying to understand what was going on, “bears don't talk” he added.

“Would you like some tea?” asked Reginald.

“This can't be real” said the man.

Reginald walked to the kitchen and started making tea. He walked over to the counter and pulled out his special tea that he saved for when he had guests over.

“Do you want tea?” asked Reginald again.

“Yeah sure” said the average man.

“I never did catch your name” said Reginald he looked over to the man, he was wearing a dress shirt with a black tie, he looked like he was going somewhere important.

“It's Jackson” said the average man, “Jackson Jackson, it's rather unfortunate” he added, he looked at Reginald trying to figure out if this was real or not.

“It could be worse, at least you're human” said Reginald he added a gruff laugh at the end and walked over with two mugs of tea on a tray.

The two sat on the ugly sofa with it's faded flower print and sipped at their tea. Reginald took his tea with milk and sugar, Jackson took it with just milk. Reginald turned the television and turned to the news channel, on the screen was a black car stuck in a snowdrift, there were people digging it out trying to find the driver.

“I guess they found your car” said Reginald in a sarcastic voice, he added a gruff laugh at the end.

“I should probably get out there and tell them that I'm not there” said Jackson.

“Where is it that you were going?” asked Reginald.

“Frobisher Inn, then to a conference” said Jackson, he adjusted his tie.

“I can get you to the main road if you'd like” said Reginald.

“That would be nice” said Jackson.



The End

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