Chapter 2

             Reginald woke from his afternoon nap, he padded to the kitchen of his cave and boiled some water. He was in need for his caffeine fix. Reginald brewed the coffee, he made it a double-double (Canadian term for 2 sugar 2 cream), he liked his coffee sweet and fattening. He stirred the coffee and padded over on his hind paws to the sofa, it had a nasty flower print, he had found it outside of a house on garbage day. He sat on the left cushion, it had what he referred to as the “crease”, it was the spot where someone had always sat and broken it in completely. Reginald settled into the crease and turned on the television, he only got one channel.

          The news was on now, he mostly listened, he couldn't understand a word of it. He watched the pictures, there was something about a Prince, not the musician but, an actual Prince that was visiting somewhere. Reginald started to day dream of meeting the Queen, he really wanted to meet her. The hats are what did it for him, they were always so detailed and different. He sipped his coffee, it was just how he liked it, he played with the remote knowing that nothing would happen but, somehow it made him feel better.

             It was nightfall before Reginald moved again, he had watched the news and the following programs, some were in English, it helped with his understanding of the language. He got out of the crease, which takes far too much effort to do and padded into the kitchen. He picked up the meat he had bought earlier and began stabbing it with his polyester claws. Eventually he broke the can open and drained the contents in one large slurp. He threw the can into the garbage and looted the rest of his kitchen for more food, he ended up eating some nylon salmon that he had preserved from his last fishing trip and a few canned beets that he had found sitting outside one day. It was a nice relaxing meal he had had.

    “Reginald!” grunted a voice from outside of his cave. It sounded like a male voice, it was very deep.

   “Mm?” asked Reginald, he had been asleep in his seat for sometime now there was a trail of drool going from his mouth to the arm of the sofa.

    “Reginald!” shouted the voice now, it was rather angry, it sounded like his friend Geoffrey, he was a polyester bear as well but he had fur that was hunter green as he liked to call it.

   “What is it Geoffrey?” asked Reginald, he was very irritated, he had been enjoying his nap, it had been one of those naps where you wake up feeling well, unless someone woke you up.

    “Get out here now!” shouted Geoffrey, he had a very short temper and liked to be angry, it made up for his small stature.

   Reginald, irritated that he had been woken up padded over to the mouth of the cave, it was very dark out now. Geoffrey was at the mouth with an angry look on his green face, he wore a multicolored scarf around his thick green neck. Geoffrey was one of those people that always looked funny no matter what they did, Reginald had to stifle giggles ever time he saw Geoffrey, Geoffrey had very large eyes, they were a pretty green color, he looked like a young child that had yet to grow into his eyes. Geoffrey also for some reason never quite grew into a full grown polyester bear, he made up for this with the temper.

  “What is it Geoffrey?” asked Reginald, his voice was tired and raspy.

   “You have to get out here now!” yelled Geoffrey, he was even shorter with Reginald than usual, the scarf he wore today was even more colorful than usual.

   “Alright” said Reginald, he was very irritated, Geoffrey's anger always seemed to be contagious to anyone around him.

   Reginald walked out into the cold, he adjusted his top hat and monocle as he walked out the mouth of the cave. There was an odd vibe coming from outside, Reginald could feel that something was very wrong out there but, he couldn't figure out what it was. Geoffrey was very on edge, he walked with worry in his steps. Reginald began to feel more and more on edge, there was a noise that was growing louder with each step they took. Geoffrey and Reginald were walking towards a large light, it must have been the polyester bears.

   "What's going on?” asked Reginald, there was deep concern in his voice, he looked around scared at the odd lights ahead of them.

   “Reg, the council, they did another count” said Geoffrey, he seemed to be close to tears as he was saying this, he turned his head to face Reginald, Reginald could see the tears growing in Geoffrey's eyes.

   “What happened?” asked Reginald, he was very worried now.

   “Wait until we get there Reg” said Geoffrey, they walked on towards the ever growing light in the distance.

The End

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