Polyester Bear

This is something I've been writing for dA. Here is the original parts of it.

         The polyester bear is native to the northern regions of Canada and Russia. Little is known of this bear other than its fur is widely used as a cheap substitute of cotton. The bear tends to live in groups of up to 30 polyester bears. These groups are called tribes. There are approximately 3 tribes per person in Canada. The polyester bear is approximately 4 feet tall and between 30 and 100 pounds. The bears are master hiders, they can easily disappear into the urban backgrounds because of their polyester coat. They fit in well in stores that are too cheap to use cotton and use the fur of the polyester bear. The polyester bear is a very mischievous creature, on many occasions it takes the place of clothing and patrons have gone home with a polyester bear only to then be mauled by the bear with its polyester claws. The polyester bears injures approximately 100 people each year, very few have actually died from the attacks other than from embarrassment. Polyester bears have an average lifespan of 40-65 years. Many of them die earlier from improper removal of the polyester coat. Reginald is a polyester bear, he is very recognizable to the other bears mainly because he wears a polyester top hat made out of his own fur, he also wears a monocle on his right eye.

         Reginald was born in northern Canada, he lived in a tribe outside of Iqaluit, he liked Nunavut. Reginald had always lived in Nunavut, it was sparsely populated but, he had always dreamed of leaving Nunavut, he wanted to go to England to meet the Queen, he loved the hats she wore, on many occasions he had tried to remake the hats with his own fur, it didn't work well. Reginald had a fur that was best described as Prussian blue, he hated that color though because it was the name of a Neo-Nazi girl band so he usually went by dark blue or navy blue sometimes he went by St. Patrick's Blue because it just sounded bad-ass. He liked the navy, they were pretty cool, he could never be one because he hated being on boats. The feeling of water under his paws drove him insane. He padded towards Iqaluit to get some food, there were usually some scraps of food sitting about, or if he found nothing he would go fishing for the nylon salmon, they were his favorite food in all of existence, he could survive solely off of nylon salmon. Nylon salmon were far better than rayon seals, he couldn't stand rayon seals, they were too hard to chew.

          The bear padded farther into the town, no one noticed him, he was good at hiding, he walked on his hind paws, it made him look like a very wrapped up person. He passed a few people, they didn't even realize that he was different, they waved hello, Reginald waved back. Reg had mastered the art of non-verbal communication, he was a bit slow at English and French but he could still communicate. Reginald stopped at the first variety store he saw and entered. When he opened the door it played a little chime and a man walked out from the back.

    “Bonjour!” said the man, he was white which isn't odd in Iqaluit considering 41% of the people there were non-first nations.

    “Allo” said Reginald, there was a slight growl in his voice, he couldn't control it. The growl was caused by his fangs.

          Reginald walked down the item littered rows, he passed all kinds of foods. Food in Nunavut was crazy expensive, it was part of living there, the food had to flown in most of the time. Reginald took off his hat and took out his wallet, he had found it on the ice a few months ago, it was made of a dark leather, he shuddered thinking an animal died to make it. He padded down the aisles, he picked up a few scattered items, some canned meat, a can of tomato soup, a sewing kit and a can of Coke. He walked up to the counter and placed the items on it. He looked at all of the items on the counter, they were all colorful but, he couldn't read any of the words.

         “Ces choses?” asked the man behind the counter, he was an old balding man with salt and pepper hair, he was wearing an apron.

       “Oui” grunted Reginald, he tried to perfect talking without a grunt but he couldn't help that either.

        The old man in the apron rang in the items, the cost was ridiculous for what it was, Reginald didn't care money didn't mean much to him. The total came up to $22.99 which was fine for Reg, he pulled the cash out of the wallet and handed it to the man. He gave him $25 and walked out before he could get any change, he didn't want anyone getting too good of a look at him. Reginald walked out, the door chimed again.

         “Monsieur!” shouted the old balding man from the variety store.

          Reginald turned around and looked at the man, he was waving the change in the air, which was odd because it wasn't that much change.

        “Oui?” asked Reginald, it was a bit more grunty because he was outside now.

       “T'as oublier ca” said the old man, he handed Reg the change and something else he turned and ran into the store.

            Reginald looked at the items in his paws, there was a toonie and a penny then a folded paper. Reginald carefully unfolded the paper, it was an invitation to the town meeting, they must have been handing them out to get more people to come to the meeting. He looked at the odd scribbles that were English, he had a hard time reading but, he got the gist of it. The meeting was tonight, he might go but, there was a possibility the people might find the bears.

             Reginald padded out of the town, at the edge of town he walked on all fours, there was no point in pretending to be human when there was no one around to see him. He walked to his house, he passed the curtain at the front and went to his chair and sat down. It had been an interesting day, now he got to sit and relax.

The End

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