Up and At Him...Mature

She'd slept well enough for hours at a time, but was up with the sun, turning over the thoughts and feelings, trying to sort it out.  As Neal slept the peace of the ignorant, she felt the anger and rage bellowing up until she could barely contain herself. 

She was angry, she knew--perhaps even confused.  The dream had been so real.  But she had clearly had it out with Neal at the Wheelhouse pub the day before.  Just as clearly, he hadn't gotten the message that she'd wanted him out, gone from her life and gone from her bed.  But to wake up to find her lingerie once again strewn across the bed, and her comforter slashed...  It was intolerable.

Kaida gave Neal a look of pure disdain.  "You god-damned--" she clenched her fists to stop the fury that was welling up.  "How dare you."

Neal gave her a quizzical expression.  "Honey, I don't--"

"But that's the god-damned point, isn't it?" Kaida sneered.  "You don't.  You don't do shit.  You have to be cajoled to do anything.  Not in the studio and certainly not in bed.   And when I finally get fed up and tell you its' over, you sneak back in here and do this."  Kaida waved her hands back and forth, indicating the spread of her lingerie.

"What, you think I went trolling through your panty-drawer to lay it all out?  Why would I--"

"How the hell should I know." Kaida snapped.  "Maybe it's what you need these days to get it up."

"Kai."  Neal snapped at her with such ferocity that she was momentarily stunned.  But, as usual, he didn't follow it up with anything. 

Kaida felt the burning annoyance creep back into her.  "Get dressed."  she stood, not even bothering to pull on the robe.  "Get your crap together and get out.  I don't want to see you anymore, Neal."

Neal smirked at her as he reached for his underwear where he'd left it on the floor the previous night.  He stood and pulled them into place with one smooth movement.  "That's not what you said last night."

Kaida froze.  She felt the hot fury replaced with ice-water.  In a painfully neutral voice, she asked  "What happened last night?" 

The End

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