By the time she had reached the top of the stairs, Polly’s body ached. She fell onto her knees, swinging her stuck feet around aimlessly.

“I’m too tired,” she murmured, “I’m not going to make it…”

“Sure you are! You can make it!” said Brandi, dragging Polly to her feet. She pushed the girl over to the top of the stairs, but instead of encouraging her to clamber down the first ledge, Brandi rotated Polly so that she was looking at something long, wooden and shiny.

It was the banister in all its glory!

“A slide. You need a rest, and this is the perfect way to travel (at high-speed nonetheless) and relax at the same time.”

Despite being tired, Polly giggled.

“It’s a wonderful idea, Brandi,” she said.

“Just a bit of doll magic,” the other girl said, slyly winking.

Brandi helped Polly up to the miniature ledge that began the slide, before climbing up herself.

“Ready?” she said, and pushed the two of them down.

“Wheee…” they giggled. It was like the helter skelter at carnival.

Whiz! And they were down at the bottom, with less than a minute or so to make it back to the spot littered with scraps of fabric and magnets.

“Do you think we can do it?” trembled Polly.

“Of course we can!” was Brandi’s instantaneous reply. The speed of her hopping increased as she called back to Polly, “We’ll have to head the direct way. Try not to get knocked over by giant Arielle.”

A burst of speed was all they both needed, and a thought occurred to Polly as they headed back.

“Here,” she said, taking the second sticky jelly circle out her pocket, “Bite some of this. It will give us strength and we’ll be able to complete this journey.”

With some difficulty, she broke the disk in half and hopped ahead to give one half to Brandi. She nibbled and chewed the other half herself, feeling its sweet, warming nectar powering her up from the stomach.

“Race ya!” she heard Brandi call. With a giggle, both girls set off to return things to their rightful way.

They ran through the ajar living room door, round the bulk of the sofa…

“How much time?” Polly called to Brandi, who was still ahead.

“30 seconds, I think.”

Putting on another burst of speed, Polly continued.

Past the sofa, dodging the coffee table legs, jumping over Arielle’s bench-like feet... They had made it, and Polly was rather pleased that she had not fallen face-first into a pile of fabric whilst jumping so quickly!

She looked over at Brandi and noticed that the girl was holding up her hand. Five fingers, four fingers…

“Three, two, one!” they said together.

And then she was rising into the air and was sitting, creating a pair of fabric shoes, her normal size once more. A moment later, her mother called Polly for some Christmas dinner and the girl ran off, hungry and secretly hoping that it would happen again. It had been a long day and the girl was ready for her Christmas dinner.

At the door she turned and grinned down at the dolls, happy for the little magic they had brought.

Suddenly, as the light flickered off them for a second, Brandi winked at Polly…

The end (or is it?)

The End

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