Be honest with yourself. Why are you reading this?

Alright. I've never much cared for politics. To be honest to me politics is about as interesting as a soggy cracker. (and yes. I did just use a crap pun in an attempt to make this VAGUELY interesting to the reader) but i do NOT see why people are now running *fake elections* yeh. Well done. Like letting a bunch of eleven year olds vote will give you a detailed synopsis of the political climate.

"Who are you going to vote for Amber?"

"I'm going to vote for the lib dems?"

"Why Amber?"

"Because theyr yellow and thats my favorite colour"

Okay. I have to admit i DID just use my reason, and say an eleven year old said it. But your hardley going to get an eleven year old going

"I'm voting for gordon brown because he is fighting for his political life. I also agree strongly with his policies and feel that he could pull us out of the current economical downfall with resounding success."

I mean, mainly they wouldnt say that coz none of it is true. But its more likely to be

"I'm not voting for gordon brown coz he reminds me of the toad mummy ran over in our drive."

To be honest. That is also on my reasons for not voting labor...

I think someone needs to make a DECENT party. That isnt just one of these extremes. Its annoying me a bit tbh. think i might make my own party up.

And not call it a party

I'll call it a rave.

It will be called the Nikki Rave.

Actually. i will put a little heart next to it. To brighten people's days.

The Nikki Rave <3

I LIKE it ;)

oooh, or

The Nikki Rave ;)

nahhhh i like the heart better. Looks a bit more profesional eh? ;)

The End

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