Political Scrutiny

Society has an unwanted notoriety. 

Stereotypes are dictating what the media writes. 

Lights, shining on what society feels to be bright.

Camera, filming the untold mold left on the underbelly of the wanted black gold. 

Action, reaction or dire action, lacking pace, taste and a plan to do nothing more than annihilate. 

Sometimes Governments cower. Societies building blocks topple, the butt of a gun subtly, and abruptly knocks your day down. 

However its mostly words that knocks us on our rear ends. It tends to hurt more than a physical brunt. It scars more then getting knocked by an on coming car. 

Words are blunt but actions are not a lie. 

Words can be transformed, deformed, reformed and the speaker can be misinformed. 

From now on actions are exactions of words. 

No more lies or misinformed, out dated, failing, flailing, wailing actions.

We want truth for when we enter the voting booth... 

The End

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