Chapter 4 - A Child's Wanderings

The forest was enshrouding and all engulfing of anybody who had wandered alone into it. Light stood silently, looking around to find a direction to travel. The whole place seemed to spin as he did so, every direction taking on the same look as the last. It was a claustrophobic environment that would swallow any small creature who didn’t already live there. “Hello!?” Light called out, hoping for a response. His voice echoed and eventually drowned itself out amongst the silence. “Is anybody there?” Again his voice echoed and was replaced by silence.

Suddenly a noise could be heard, an all encompassing sound which was undetectable as coming from any direction. Clip clop clip clop. The rhythmic noise grew in volume as it seemed to encroach on Light’s location. It sounded like the noise of multiple people walking on stone. As the sound began to settle on a location, Light looked towards it. A familiar figure began to take shape, clip clop clip clop. The noise echoed in otherwise silence as it drew closer. Out of the darkness protruded the shape of antlers, Light focused on them and felt slightly dizzy, tipping from side to side. A face appeared moments later, followed by the body of the four legged creature.

It was a Stantler, an antlered Pokémon with a brown pelt and four black hooves. Light smiled, it was not such a dark and unfriendly place after all. Unable to take his eyes off its antlers, Light felt even dizzier. The Stantler continued to approach him, without fear or hesitation. The longer he looked at its antlers, the less capable of standing he felt. His body was numb and weakness took over him, he fell back and shifting his arms preparing to fall.

The mountain tremored with a low pitched rumble. The rumbling sound awoke Light from his sleep, a low rumble which seemed to shift the bed and the whole caravan along with it. The ground had suddenly shifted beneath him though it was clear by the absence of engine noise and lack of movement that the caravan had stopped and it was parked. Light looked around, feeling dazed and confused, he was hot and slightly sweaty. There was nobody there with him except for a sleeping Blissey blowing bubbles from its mouth. He expected to see his aunty Lyra or at least his dad, though he could hear people not too far from him so he knew they couldn‘t be far. Light looked through a crack in the nearby window, it was still daylight outside and judging by the slight draught coming through the window it did not appear to be cold.

Another sudden jolt occurred, this time followed by a lengthier rumble as the earth quaked beneath the caravan. The noise and excitement from the researchers talking could be heard in the background amongst the people talking closer to the caravan, one of which Light identified as being his auntie Lyra. Collecting himself from the bed, Light sat up, he felt dizzy as he did so. Giving off a stretch, he jumped down from the side of the bed and stood up. Not wanting to be left out from the adventure, he opened the caravan door to see what his dad was up to.
    Peering over the hood of the caravan, Light could see that they had arrived at their camp site. Numerous tents and pieces of equipment had been set up and everybody seemed hard at work. It was that recognisable excited state of just arriving at the destination after a long day of travel. A few feet away, on the other side of another caravan was Light’s dad. He appeared to be looking at a map and attempting to find a location. Next to him Lyra was assisting with some kind of data.
    “Is Light still sleeping?” Matthew asked.
    “He was a few minutes ago when I last checked on him. I’ll get back to him in a moment. I don’t like leaving him. He might be scared if he wakes up and nobody is there with him, especially if he wakes up in the middle of one of these earthquakes.”
    “There’s no way we could have predicted them. There must be some kind of external force at work.” Lyra suggested.
    “You mean a Pokémon?” Matthew asked.

    Whilst the grownups talked, Light turned his attention to the edges of the forest the caravan was parked against. It looked just the same as the rest of the forest that had sprawled all the way up the mountainside the whole journey upwards. It was darker amidst the trees, the whole place gave off a mysterious feeling and regardless of being sick, Light was enthralled with thoughts of epic adventures and heroic quests through dangerous forests filled with monsters. Taking a few steps towards the trees, he rested his hands against the bark and peered around it and into the vastness of the forest. Pokémon scurried around and a Rattata ran back into hiding as it saw him.

    Light took a few more steps inside the forest, it felt cooler out of the sunlight although he still felt exhausted and sick. His fever had started to confuse him as he kept walking forward. Light was dizzy and disorientated, rustling through leaves and bushes thinking he was making his way back to the caravan. Though he was less than twenty feet from it, he had ventured closer to a wild Pokémon. The rustling disturbed a grazing Stantler and the two met eyes, both as surprised by the other ones appearance. With a sudden spark of remembrance, Light recalled his dream and started to feel ever more disorientated with recollection. The startled Pokémon froze on the spot, struggling to look away but unsure whether it should run. It appeared to be a juvenile, not a baby but not fully matured. It was not that different from Light itself.

    Recalling his dream in clarity, Light looked at its antlers, feeling transfixed on them. He wandered forward slowly, feeling zoned out and almost dream like in his movements, Light was not sure what he was doing. His fever was raging, making it difficult for him to think straight. The Stantler, frightened by Light’s encroaching movement, inadvertently distorted its surroundings with its antlers, creating the illusion of the forest from Light’s dream. Light was engulfed in confusion, remembering the Stantler in his dream yet becoming enshrouded in the dream like feeling.

The Stantler backed away as Light hallucinated the Stantler from his dreams replacing it with the scared Stantler. He followed its tracks as it moved further away from him, taking him further and further away from the caravan and into the forest.

    Lyra opened the caravan door, noticing Light’s empty bed and her sleeping Blissey she had left watching him.
    “Light?!” Lyra cried out, awakening her sleeping Pokémon.
    Blissey’s eyes widened and then a sudden frown of concern and guilt covered her face. “Blissey Blissey Blissey.” she uttered in explanation to her trainer. Lyra ran from the caravan back towards Matthew. As she passed Mason, he stuttered trying to address her, she ignored him not realising he was there, she was completely focused on Light and Matthew. Heading to the largest tent, there sat her brother behind a collapsible desk.
    “Light’s gone!” she yelled out.
    “What!?” Matthew replied in shock. “What happened!?”

The End

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