Chapter 3 - A Light Fever

Light stood alone in the centre of a path with a long stretch of road, to each side was endless grass for as far as the eye could see. A snort from beside him grabbed his attention; Light blinked and looked to his side. A Rapidash appeared from nowhere and Light immediately hopped on it’s back. It dashed forward at intense speed leaving Lights face to be cut by windburn. It stomped and galloped, drudging up the sandy floor on the path.  As quickly as it took off it stopped dead in its tracks, the surroundings had changed and Light was home, he could see the mountain in the horizon.

Rapidash snorted and suddenly threw Light from its back. As he fell, he noticed a group of green Pokémon with diamond shapes on their chests. Rapidash panicked and stomped at the ground in fear. “Stop it Rapidash!” Light proclaimed, as it stomped mere inches from where Light had fallen. The large green Pokémon growled ferociously, their eyes glowed red with anger as they closed in on them. As he drew his hands up high into the air to push its legs away, he saw the hooves of Rapidash stomp down directly towards his face. “Ahhhh!”

‘Thud!’…The car jolted as Light came to, “Mmf?” he murmured, looking around with a sleepy expression plastered upon his face. A bead of cold sweat ran down his back, as he remembered the last few instances of his dream. Grasping at his Eevee, he looked over at his Dad, who’d noticed the bumpy path had woken him up. Matthew looked at Light’s face; it had turned ashen with terror.

“Light, you look unwell.”
Light looked over at his Dad, with a weary expression, he attempted to speak, but said nothing.
“Do you want me to get Auntie Lyra?
He nodded blankly, as his Dad reached down and grabbed a black handheld device, slightly smaller than a phone; it was the transceiver for the intercom.
“Jeep two, this is jeep one, come in Lyra; over.” A short ‘psst’ sound followed his voice as he let go of the transmit button.
“This is jeep two, go ahead Matthew.” Lyra replied.
“Lyra, could you get up here? Light is looking sick. Over.”
A slight pause filled the air.
“Just a sec..” Lyra replied.
Matthew watched from the rear view mirror to see that Lyra was still on the intercom. He slowed the jeep to a gradual halt as he watched the vehicles behind him slow down.
“Matthew, I told everybody we were stopping for lunch: over and out.”

Lyra got out of her jeep which caused everyone else to suddenly arise from the jeeps. Bustling noise and excitement once again filled the air as people gathered together, unwrapping their pre-prepared sandwiches and opening containers of hot drinks and soup.

As Matthew checked the trunk of his jeep, Lyra climbed in the back along with Light. He leaned towards her and rested his head against her. His cheeks flushed a tint of red as he began to close his eyes again. Lyra checked his forehead with her right hand.
    “You poor thing, you’re burning up. Let‘s get that bulky jacket off you, shall we?” Lyra removed Light’s arm from his jacket, he straightened his arm trying to help her take it off him. After a short struggle, she placed the jacket by his side, on top of his stuffed Eevee. “There, much better now.”
The trunk slammed shut, Matthew approached the backseat with a first aid kit.
    “There’s not a lot in here that’s good for a fever.” Matthew stated, feeling a little inadequate. This wasn’t a scenario he had planned for. Lyra propped Light’s head back up.

“That’s no use, go in to my jeep, there’s a thermometer in the glove compartment and bring some of the water from the trunk. Also, we should think about moving him to one of the caravans where he can lie down.” Lyra suggested.
“Yeah, good thinking.” Matthew said, the look of concern across his brow. He was glad his sister was there, despite not having children of her own, she was very maternal and seemed to have a good instinct for children’s needs. Unfortunately, Matthew was much less confident in his abilities as a father than as a researcher.

    As they attempted to care for Light, the researchers finished their food and began socialising and taking pictures with one another. Matthew was too busy to enjoy the fun and was debating whether he should call the whole trip off and head back down the mountain. Either that or somebody would need to help him look after Light whilst he was sick, there was no way that he could be absent on his own research expedition, there would be no progress without his instructions and the whole trip would be for nothing.
    Whilst Matthew was lost in thought, Mason joined his side and snapped him back to reality. “Lyra is with Light, she’s looking after him in the caravan at the back of the party. She’s confident that we’re okay to continue. He’ll be alright, kids get fevers all the time.” Mason explained in an attempt to relieve Matthew of his fears.
    “I know, but that doesn’t stop you from worrying. Nothing can quite prepare you for fatherhood.” Matthew stated.
    “Lyra and her Blissey will stay with Light, I’ll drive the jeep behind you and we’ll stop every hour or so to check up on him. He’s in good hands.” Mason pushed his glasses back up as they slipped down his nose.
    “I wouldn’t consider continuing if I didn’t believe that. Tell everybody five more minutes and we’re going onwards, we don’t want to fall behind schedule and reach camp after dark.”
    “Right.” Mason nodded.

    The noise died down as everybody regrouped and prepared to continue their journey. One by one the jeeps and caravans started up as Matthew gave the signal for everybody to go. The journey was a long one. Mason focused on his duties and what will be needed of him to succeed once they reached the top, Matthew flipped between fatherly concerns and that of managing a whole team of researchers. Lyra and Blissey watched Light as he slept, keeping an eye on his fever as they did so.

The End

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