Chapter 2 - Going 'Round The Mountain

A young boy of around five years old sat in the backseat. He was wearing a white bubble jacket with a white fur rim at the top and was clutching a stuffed Eevee toy. The boy had scruffy blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes and was sporting the most ridiculous of eager looking smiles.
“L-Light?” Matthew questioned, shocked by the boy’s appearance.
“Hi Dad!” The young boy said, wiping under his nose with his finger. “Are we ready to go? Go! Go!” he laughed.
“How di- Where did you even.. Light! …You know Daddy has to go away for a while. How did you get here?” Matthew asked, with a look of blatant shock still plastered on his face.
“You said you wouldn’t leave Light unless you reeeeally had to. Now you don’t have to.” Light replied.
Matthew sighed. “I was saying goodbye, Light.”
“Stay here, Light.” He said in a mild tone. He wasn’t really angry, just confused and unsure as to how he could have followed them so far out.

Matthew cut the ignition, stopping the car. A sudden burst of letdown roared from the rear vehicles. Everyone was eager to set off, a bustle of annoyance filled the air amongst the vehicle engines. He could already hear people asking themselves ‘What now?’ Their trip up Mount Mosselei had been held off multiple times before. Lyra and Mason sat back in the car as Matthew walked forwards towards them; she winded the window down so they could speak freely.
“Car trouble?” Lyra asked.
“You could say that.” Matthew replied.
    He explained the situation looking less and less collected with each sentence. Mason looked concerned, especially since he wasn’t ever good at calming other people down. He just recited ’Thank God for Lyra,’ over and over in his head. Lyra peered towards the front and saw Light stick his head towards the back window and pull faces at her.
“When I saw you get out of the car, I was sure it was car trouble. That explains why you didn’t just use the car radio.” She giggled.
“It’s not funny Lyra, we can’t cancel again; we’ll be hard pushed to get anyone to take him back home. What are we gonna do, leave him here?” Matthew gestured in light frustration. Lyra raised her eyebrow and smiled. Only by knowing somebody since childhood was a mere gesture enough to know what the other person was thinking.
“…No! Oh no!” Matthew exclaimed.
“Oh come on, it won’t be that bad.”
“We can’t take Light with us, this is research; I can’t be looking after Light and doing work at the same time. Let’s face it: Light is work.”
“Sooo, what, do you wanna cancel?” Lyra questioned.
Matthew sighed and raised his hand to his head. “Okay…” he replied, reluctantly.
Lyra stuck her tongue out at Light and then laughed when she turned back to Matthew. “You made the right choice.” She said, sweetly.
Matthew walked away, pulling out his cell phone from his pocket. Mason looked confused, and looked towards Lyra for an explanation. Though his endless curiosity made him wish to enquire as to what happened, he tried harder just to avoid blushing as he found her cooing at Light immensely cute. Why would he want to stop her anyway? He got to watch her. “I’ll just keep quiet.” He thought.

Lyra stepped out of the car walking up towards Matthew’s jeep. As she closed her own car door, Mason caught a slight amount of Matthew’s conversation on the phone before he walked too far away. “Valencia… honey, Funny story…”

Light opened the car window, jumping out of it. “Auntie Lyra!” he cried out, bolting towards her almost knocking her over. “You’re getting heavy Lightning.” She said as he clung onto her, almost dropping his Eevee toy.
“So tell me, what was wrong with the door?” Lyra asked; ruffling up his hair.
Light looked back at the car window and back at Lyra, giving her a stupid grin. “You can’t climb through doors, silly.” He chirped happily, running around her and towards her and Mason’s jeep. Light clasped onto the door hanging half in and out. “Hi Mason.”
Mason propped his glasses up and smiled. “Hi. Young Light. What’s going on?”
“Nothin’,” Light chirped. “My Daddy told my Mommy that you dream about kissing Auntie Lyra. Why’d you wanna kiss a girl? That’s icky!” Light proclaimed, scrunching up his face.
Mason slumped in his seat, his face red as a Charmeleon. Lyra blushed, only not to Mason’s extent.
“Well Light, I heard that you made a daisy chain for that girl you like and she gave you a kiss.” Lyra teased, holding her hands behind her back and looking down at the young boy. She wasn’t trying to mask her own embarrassment but was hoping to do so for Mason.
“Th-That’s not true!” Light declared out loud. “Well… it is, but I didn’t enjoy it!” he said, pouting and folding his arms whilst a pinkish tint covered his cheeks.
“What was her name again? Eva? E-hmm, Evelyn, that girl who dresses like an Eevee, we know you like Eevees, right Light?” Lyra said, gesturing towards his stuffed toy.
Light wrinkled his nose. “You guys are no fun!”

Matthew ended the call on his cell phone, giving a wave to Lyra to inform her they were good to go. She nodded her head in response and got back into the car with the still beetroot coloured Mason. How a man as brilliant as Mason could get hiccups after a slight look from Lyra was bewildering to most.
“Come on Light, in the car.”    
“’Kay, Dad.” Light replied, looking back at Lyra and Mason and sticking his tongue out at them both.
“Can I ride in the front, pleeeease Dad?” Light asked, moving over the right side of the car. He got in anyway before Matthew had a chance to answer.
“Light, I need you to be good and try not to get in anybody’s way whilst we’re up there.” Matthew instructed, attempting to place a good bit of authority into his voice so that Light might listen.
“Your Mom and I were both reluctant to let you come with me, but you didn’t leave us much of a choice. So be a good boy and let Dad work, okay Sunlight?”
“Right Dad! Just one question, what does reluctant mean?”
Matthew smiled at Light as he turned the ignition, beeping his horn twice to inform those behind him to set off as well. The vehicles all started up one after the other as he led the trail up the mountain.
Light rolled down his window, slightly sticking his head out of it. The path up the mountain was surrounded by trees at either end. A forest winded around the entire mountainside. Shadows weaved in and out of the trees and Light eagerly peered out of the window in hopes of identifying the Pokémon occupying the forests. “I think I just saw a Stantler.” He proclaimed. Though with the distance and low visibility, it could just as easily have been an Oddish.
“One thing is for sure Light, you won’t see as many different types of wild Pokémon as you will up here.” Matthew said.
“Yeah…Gee, I‘ll bet, huh!” Light replied, too preoccupied and fascinated to turn to his father.

Pidgeys flew from the trees as the jeeps disturbed the edges of the forest. It was quite a journey uphill when looking down at the vehicles from the perspective of the Pidgeys. The sun shone down on the jeeps as they traversed the path up Mount Mosselei, the morning became midday and their journey to the top was nearing its end. Light who had previously been gaping out of the windows in wonder had fallen asleep and was drooling on his stuffed Eevee. Matthew looked over at him with a paternal look on his face before returning his view back to the path. The winding path was a long one, the sheer size of the mountain could best be felt by journeying upwards.

The End

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