Chapter 1 - Approaching Mount Mosselei

Deep in the endless regions of space, asteroids hurtled around at fantastic speeds. In a realm where time holds no bearing, where sound fails to linger, the surroundings are calm and unchanging. Rock flew amongst space debris, captured in the gravitational force of the nearby celestial bodies as it had done so for millennia; an asteroid suddenly collided with a hard orange and green structure. Chalk like debris and small chunks of rock burst from the asteroid, the tiny rocks were forced out of its gravitational orbit and sent scuttling into new depths of space. The colourful rock jolted in a state of awareness, black crevices in its structure opened to reveal eyes which watched with curiosity and wariness as the asteroid was thrown off course. “Duuuurgh!” it squealed, its sound being eaten up by the empty recesses of space.

The asteroid fragment rocketed through space as though for infinity, eventually entering a solar system with a blue and green coated rock, known as Earth. The meteoroid scattered into smaller fragments causing a meteor shower to light up the sky. The meteor landed with a thud, hitting the very top of a mountain. It glowed with a vibrant green as though it was charged with a luminescent power. Over many days and nights, the mountain underwent a change; the landscape became luscious, exotic looking trees grew, the soil became rich and vastly more fertile, all the life in the area began to change.

A thousand year later…

It was a bright and sunny weekend day in the beautiful mountainside town of Valeon, eager chirps from a day just beginning whistled throughout the grasslands. Whilst most were outside enjoying themselves, a certain group of people were still hard at work.
“Dr. Miles? We’ve loaded most of the equipment and we’re almost ready to go.” A young man said in a mild mannered and somewhat nervous tone.
“That’s excellent news Mason.” Replied the doctor; standing up as though he was inspecting the grass.
“This is your first field assignment, isn’t it?” he asked, observantly, noticing his under confident exterior from his otherwise best and brightest assistant.
“Is it that obvious?” Mason wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, his years studying Pokémon behaviour and history in the academy suddenly felt very tame to him, as though five years worth of education was a tiny factor in what it meant to be a scientist.
“Relax, it’s a warm day, everybody’s sweating a bit, take the look of worry off your face and it won’t show so much”
Mason stuttered, feeling inadequate to perform duties that should be second nature to him. Under stress he began to doubt his own ability to perform the simplest of tasks he did everyday.
“S-Sir. Well you see sir, I-I’ve always had this, well, trouble with heights, s-since I was a boy.” He finished, propping his steam ridden glasses back up on his face.
“Lyra has planned out the route the safest way, we’re not in any kind of a rush, and we won’t exactly be rock climbing.” Miles replied, attempting to reassure his colleague.
“R-Really?” he asked, feeling panicked about the whole issue. Mason’s attention was drawn as he looked back when hearing a noise from the ranger’s truck; he noticed more equipment being offloaded and began to bite at his bottom lip.
“You should go and help them; it’ll take your mind off things.” Miles smiled in reassurance.
“Are you really climbing up a mountain in a white coat, doctor?” a feminine yet confident voice called out.
Miles swept his scruffy blonde hair back and turned around, placing a hand on his hip as he did so. “Hello Lyra. Were you the one to tell Mason we were going mountain climbing?” He asked with a grin.
“And you’re calling me doctor now?”
The pairs eyes met and playful smiles swapped between glances.
“I couldn’t resist, Matthew. I thought maybe you wouldn’t know it was me.”
He chuckled, “I’m not about to forget my sister’s voice on any occasion.”

Matthew and Lyra Miles, the two siblings who have worked together as Pokémon researchers since they could remember. Whilst Matthew looked like a stuffy lab doctor, Lyra looked more like a Park Ranger. Matthew wore a white lab coat over khaki coloured outdoor clothing, had he not been preparing for field exploration, he would likely look more like a laboratory scientist cliché. Lyra, however; whilst sharing the same cerulean blue coloured eyes as her brother, personality wise she shared little with her brother. Ever the tomboy, she dressed as such. Whilst sporting long hair, she always kept her dark purple hair in a ponytail. For once, Matthew shared clothing similar to Lyra, as she too wore similar clothing only coloured a ranger green. Lyra was a small woman, a full ten inches shorter than her six foot tall brother, despite this she was every bit as charismatic as he was and very well liked to boot.

“I was just checking. I’m about to round everybody up, the lead car’s just waiting for you.” She said, throwing her pack over her shoulder.
“Okay..” Matthew muttered, placing attention back on his own preparations.

Bustling noises of excitement and other peoples’ own preparations filled the research site. People closed their caravan doors all packed and ready for a journey towards the top of Mount Mosselei. Matthew watched as people fiddled with their packs and checked their equipment, the whole research team was properly equipped though looking at them it was hard for him to see anything but the ragtag team he’d grown to love. Perhaps not taking himself as seriously as others did, research was still a boyhood adventure to him. With one last look at his fellow researchers, Matthew peeled his eyes away and looked at the mountain afoot.
It was a grand sight, a forest grew straight up the side of the mountain, covering it in a beautiful green; somehow it enshrouded the all too familiar mountain in a veil of mystery. Matthew had lived in Valeon for over a decade, the town just on the outskirts of the mountain. He had grown fond of the sight upon looking out of his windows, be it from his caravan or from his house. Exploring such a mountain rich in wonder and intrigue was long overdue. As he cast his eyes upwards from the mountainside forest, he could see the brilliant peak covered with an remarkable snowy white glazing. The sun shone above the mountain, appearing just beyond it as it did every morning.
“Saddle up Doctor.” Mason called out. “There’s research to be done.”
Matthew’s attention was diverted from his final gaze at the mountaintop before embarking on the journey.
“You seem in good spirits all of a sudden,” Matthew chuckled. “I assume you’ll be riding with Lyra.”
A small rosy blush formed on the thin cheeks of Masons face, although it was obvious to everyone he had a crush on her, he didn’t like it announced in front of people.
“Look, he’s gone all shy!” One of the researchers teased, peering out from the backseat of a nearby jeep. Everyone who overheard let out a laugh, amused at the star researcher’s discomfort.
Mason sat down in the backseat of one of the jeeps. “Why me?” he asked himself rather meekly, hoping that Lyra was out of earshot.

Everyone finished loading and sat in their cars awaiting Matthew to take the lead. The jeeps resembled those of safari cars, coloured green, though a red stripe ran horizontally on both sides of the vehicles.
With the equipment loaded on the back and excitement in the air, it truly felt like they were about to head out on a safari ride. Matthew got in his car and threw his white coat on the passenger’s seat whilst shutting the door behind him. He let out a sigh as he began to turn the ignition, when suddenly the car door from the backseat slammed shut. Matthew turned around; he was expecting to be riding alone, surely somebody wasn’t planning to put extra equipment in his jeep.

The End

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