The Battle

"I'll tear those fools to shreds!" Streak snarls.

"No, don't," I say. "We'll just KO them like in a friendly battle."

"But those guys want to kill us," says Gash.

"We're not killing those Pokémon," I order.

"Talking to ur Pokémon?" sniggers the Rocket Grunt. "This'll teach ya to shut up. Mightyena, Bite! Take a chunk out of that Jolteon!"

The Mightyena growls and leaps at Gash, intending to use Bite on him, but Gash deftly dodges. "Counter with Double-Kick!" I yell.

Gash stands on his front legs and kicks twice with his back legs, both landing a critical hit on the Mightyena. The black wolf is KO'd already from the two super-effective critical hits.

"Stupid dog!" snarls the Rocket, returning the Mightyena to it's Poké Ball.

"Now, team-up!" I order. "Attack Gliscor! Streak, Aqua Jet! Gash, Quick Attack!"

The Pokémon dash at the Gliscor with a superfast combo, the combined water attack KO'ing the flyscorpion outright. The Rocket grunt is outraged that we beat his Pokemon so quickly and easily. He returns Gliscor to its Poké Ball.

"You stupid runt!" he snarls. "You're still coming with us though!"

He runs right at me, but suddenly finds his arms joined by a huge chunk of ice. Streak had used Ice Beam on him.

The Rocket screams and runs out of the broken doorway to his truck.

The End

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